• Hey there,

    I can't remember if I PM'd you or not but today was my last day with the family practice office. I've gotten a great offer from UPI in Baltimore, I start next Monday. I"ma bit nervous... but I'm finally going to be doing what I love- e/m coding & compliance.

    Are you still with the DC chapter? My supervisor is part of the Charm city chapter so I am thinking of visiting them sometime in the near future.

    Hope things are going well for you.

    Take care!
    So how was the conference? From everything that I see posted on the site it was excellent. I hear next years will be in TN, sounds interesting.

    Welcome back!
    I'm doing well... can you give me details on the seminar you are speaking about. There is a local chapter meeting in Maryland that I was interested in attending in late May but I don't know the location.

    If you give me the details I'd be happy to attend as long as work permits.

    You can email me back at rthames@heritagemedgrp.com


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