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    Risk Adjustment

    Hello, You can request that the companies send a representative to retrieve the records. Or allow them access to your system remotely if you have a secure network.
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    Hospital Service in Same Month for ESRD Patient

    Hello, The information below is pasted from the internet. I just started with Google and it took me to WPS Medicare which was my carrier when I billed dialysis for IL physicians. Inpatient hospital visits should be separately payable for a monthly dialysis pt. Any type of outpatient or...
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    New to vascular coding please help!!

    I would suggest the following resources for coders new to vascular surgery: Vascular Surgery Coding Guide from the Society for Vascular Surgery. Also information from ZHealth Publishing Dr Z's Medical Coding Series (aka David Zielske, MD). Dr Z and his partner Dr David Dunn have been speakers on...
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    Superficialization of AV fistula

    Have you looked at the lay description for 37607? It is for ligation of AV fistula.
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    Seeking coding job in St. Louis area

    Hi Barbara, I am also a coder looking for work in St Louis. I have recently applied for positions at SSM and Washington University. But I would also recommend applying with Medical Employment Directory, They place coders and other medical professionals in temporary and permanent...