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    "Valid" Physician Orders

    Does anyone have documentation regarding a specific format, form, or documentation requirements (other than signature, date and time for all services ordered) for physician orders. We have a concern regarding the fact that we have a group of providers who are not using any particular format...
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    same specialty ?

    I also agree that there is no subspecialty, two specialists under the same tax id number cannot both bill for new patients if the patient has had a face to face visit in the last 3 years.
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    Readmissions within 30 days

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    PA as assistant at surgery

    Can we use the assistant at surgery modifier 80 for Physicians Assistants, or is there another more appropriate modifier for this if not?
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    MDM established problem (to examiner)

    Najarags: I totally agree, I spoke to a group of physicians yesterday and explained that an establised patient is not the same as an established problem. I also explained the Dr. B would have the same amount of work for a worsening problem because they have not yet addressed this problem...
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    MDM established problem (to examiner)

    If a patient sees Dr A on Monday for knee pain, and then follows up with Dr. B due to worsening pain(both in the same practice), is this considered a new problem or an established problem? I believe that MDM states new problem to examiner.....
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    Subsequent hospital visits

    When a physician sees a patient on a subsequent visit, what should they document for this interval history with regards to the HPI? I maintain they must refer to the last time they saw the patient, it does not have to be a specific date, instead they can reference the previous visit with a...
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    Night resident note

    night resident note What you describe is what I came up with as well! Thanks for the response.
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    Night resident note

    Please help with this scenario as presented to me by a collegue: Night float resident sees the patient late evening and does an H&P for the admission, The teaching faculty physician receives sign out and sees the patient with his/her team of residents in the morning and decides that the...
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    Readmissions within 30 days

    If a patient is readmitted within 30 days of an inpatient stay for the same diagnosis what are the rules for coding the initial day for second visit the physician? Any official source info would be helpful.
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    Inpatient rehab medical management

    Thanks for the opinion. I guess my thoughts are that they are actually leaving the acute environment and an actual transfer of care is being done. I cannot find any documentation on how this should happen, I am going to post it to WPS to see if I can get a response from them. Unfortunately I...
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    NDC # for mixed chemo drugs

    Does anyone have any information for what is needed to report NDC drugs for chemo drugs that are mixed? I read somewhere not sure where, that they must all be reported however I am getting some push back from the practice that states that they do not need to do this.
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    Fracture care after ED visit

    I would say that because there was nothing done regarding replacing the splint (i.e. a cast etc) then you would not qualify for fracture care. Fracture care is for any restorative treatments, x-ray and consult would not be a restorative treatment.
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    Toe Walking

    Worked in peds for years, and we used abnormal gait for toe walking (very common thing for a peds neuro to say!)
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    ICD - 10 certification

    AHIMA has an ICD-10 trainer certification program. I took the program as I was actively involved in the job I had at the time in IT related issues, I have since taken a new job and am on the Migration committee at my new job. I took the training in 2009, certified in late 2009, and had to pay...