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    Newly certified can't find job

    Risk Adjustment Coding Hi Katrina, Are you currently doing risk adjustment coding? I have been a coder for many years (facility) and have wanted to apply for HCC coder positions, but all postings require 1-5 years HCC experience (??). In my opinion, if you can review and abstract information...
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    V1272 vs 211.3

    I know this is an old post, but.......... Tabular list in ICD-9 shows V12.72 as an Unacceptable PDX
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    Platelet Transfusion

    Your CPT code would be 36430 If for some reason you needed the ICD-9 procedure code, that is 99.05 Hope this helps :)
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    Polypectomy w/dx of benign colonic mucosa

    If the physician did a biopsy with the Colonoscopy, I would code the biopsy. As for diagnosis, you can only work with what you have. If need be, send supporting documentation to insurance carrier.
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    Please help with modifier 73

    My understanding of Modifier 73 is that it applies if the procedure is cancelled/ aborted (due to extenuating circumstances or those that threaten the well being of the patient) "after" patient is taken into the O.R., but "before" receiving any anesthesia in the O.R. In other words, if the...
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    Dx code: Mild mental retardation

    I woukd code as follows: 317 326
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    Business Manager

    I wouldn't use either of those modifiers in that scenario...... Below is a CPT Assistant that concurs: Surgery: Cardiovascular System Question: If an intra-aortic balloon assist device is placed percutaneously during a cardiac intervention and removed at that session, may both the insertion...
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    Lauren Rush, CPC

    Below are two CPT Assistants regarding CPT 99000: MISCELLANEOUS SERVICES 99000 Handling and/or conveyance of specimen for transfer from the physician's office to a laboratory For example, a patient collects a 24 hour urine specimen and brings it to the physician's office. The conveyance...
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    CPT 19380 inconsistent with Dx 611.89 - I am getting denials from Humana

    Often times, revision of reconstructed breast (CPT 19380) is done due to an issue with asymmetry. In the case of a mastectomy with subsequent reconstruction where the physician is documenting asymmetry as the reason for current surgery, dx code would be 612.1 Keep in mind that the patient may...
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    CO2 Ablation with excision

    Have you considered using modifier "59" on your codes from the 11420-11426 range? If ablation was done on lesions other than the ones excised, you can code these procedures separately.
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    67924 & 67923

    Medicare bundles these two codes, with 67924 being the code that will be paid. Just wondering....was one procedure done medially, the other one laterally? Would it be possible to provide a copy of the Operative report?
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    Is there a hospital near you that would possibly allow you to work under an internship? Does the institution where you took your Coding Class offer any type of job assistance?
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    Depo Provera

    If you do a Forum Search for J1050, there are 2 other threads where this issue is being discussed.
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    Urinary retention due to foley cath

    I would go with 788.20 only