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    From a Compliance standpoint New vs Establish Pt When Provider becomes New Speciality

    new patient visit Hi Pam, Slightly different scenario. The provider used to work at local hospital and was credentialed there as urgent care. He now has a private practice and is credentialed as a PCP and no longer seeing patients at the hospital. If he sees patients he saw at the hospital...
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    It does, TY Tessa!
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    Hello, Regarding the management options in the MDM, if the EMR has DNR orders from previous visit is it appropriate to credit the current visit, the DNR discussion happened on a previous visit but it stays in the record/note. Where can I get additional clarification on the applicability of the...
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    HPI- Severity

    Hello, I am fairly new to coding and have a question on the SEVERITY element of the HPI. If the physician stes in HPI that patient is feeling "better" could/should this be considered severity? Many Thanks!
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    Re-coding for denials

    Hello All, I have a situation in our practice relating to denials based on diagnosis. Many of you have surely experienced upset patients calling stating their bill wasn't paid because, according to the insurance company, the wrong code was used. Our compliance department has advised us that...