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    Billing 99408

    bILLING 99408 Can an RN bill for this visit?
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    Wiki 2017 - New Outpatient Rehabilitation Eval and Re-eval CPT Codes

    97165, 97166, 97167 and 97168, can be billed with 97542 Wheelchair assessment? Good day, does anyone have any insight that when the OT eval codes of 97165-68, if its appropriate to bill 97542 as well. Thank you
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    Individual Psychoherapy (60 min) reporting

    90837 and must be a Master Level or Certified LCSW or a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Authorization must be obtained for all commercial and or MCO. Hope that helps
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    Injections with no provider on site

    Cpt What CPT code can be used for Invega Sustenna? Thank you!
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    Can you bill an office visit with 93284?
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    Can I bill an E/M code with 93284 PDE?

    Can I bill a preventive office visit code with 93284? Thanks!
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    Cpc, & cpma

    Does anyone know an individual looking for employment that is CPC and CPMA? Duties included but not limited to:- Provider Educator Audit charts/Billing Thanks!
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    Thank you! According to the DOH, PPD can be given by an LPN if an RN, and MD is on site or available via phone. Thank you so much!
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    no response? Can someone shed some light please :) Thank you!
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    Can someone let me know if a LPN can plant the PPD for a patient? I know a RN can but not sure of the LPN. Also, the company I work for is now accepting CIGNA health plans and want to pilot PPD since its a required test needed for employees. Can a patient just get a PPD without an OV? Thank you!
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    Help with ICD 10 - Undetermined progressive

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    Help with ICD 10 - Undetermined progressive

    Can someone help me with the ICD 10 code for Undetermined progressive neurodegenerative disease Cerebellar atrophy. Thank you!
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    Two NP's Billed with E/M Codes???

    Come on... Someone help me...