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  • Thank you so much! This is fantastic, now I can explain exactly why we can't bill it to my provider. Have a great weekend!
    Hi Marvel,

    I have a pain physician who is performing a caudal ESI, a sacro-coccygeal joint injection and a ganglion impar block in the same session. I'm not sure that all three are billable, I checked NCCI for 62311 and 20605 and it has an indicator of "1". The caudal ESI was done at S1-S5 per dictation, so I'm not sure that the SC injection should be over-ridden with a 59. Would this be considered the same anatomical site?

    Also, I'm having trouble locating a code for the impar. The latest info I could find on it was a 2007 CPT assistant article reference in the AAPC forums that states 64999 is the correct code. Do you know if this is correct?

    The pt has Medicare.

    Thanks so much for your input.
    Good morning,
    I would like to ask you a question about Coding for Dye Study of a catheter of implanted pain pump. I was charging for 61070 and 75809, but I was told this 61070 is only for the skull, meninges and the brain, since we use our pain pump 62350, for spinal issues, I would have to code the unlisted 64999. I understand that you used a reference from 2008 CPT assistant, do you happen to know if there is another reference that I might be able to use that is more current?
    Thank you Teresa
    Good Afternoon Marvel,
    I was hoping you could shed some light on a topic.
    My Doctor is performing the MILD procedure. I am confused as to what code to use for the Epidurogram Injection to visualize the Epidural space. One place is telling me to use 62311; another is telling me 72275... After reading the descriptions, I'm leaning towards 62311. Do you have any suggestions/ comments/ advice?? THanks so much :)
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