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  • Mary
    How do you know when to use 27355 or 27360
    doc did excision osteochondroma distal femur using curved osteotome and rongeured edges of bone and put bone wax in space. I am leaning on 27360 however he does not specify cauterization saucerization etc.

    Your expertise would be appreciated

    I was wondering if you have documentation for 64718 and 24305 being bundled through AAOS? I know Medicare bundles them.

    My understanding is that if the Doc. is doing 24305 then the 64718 is apart of that code due to the fact that you have to move the ulnar nerve in order to lengthen the tendon.?:eek:

    Do you know where I can find documentation? or do you have a link. This is for a commercial carrier.
    Mary could you give any advise on how to prepare for the Orthopedic Speciality Exam. I have tried twice to pass this exam and failed both times with a 68% on both exam. Do you have any suggestion? thank you,stacy
    Mary could you please go to the post on ICD-9 procedure coding and see what you think. This other poster is trying to tell every one that ICD-9 Vol 3 codes are for th facility to use for the dx and that she works in the ER and this is how it has been done for 5 years. It is really not good the info she is putting out there.
    Hi Mary - I was wondering if you could look at a post I put on the Ortho forum this morning regarding Talonavicular Arthrodesis. I am trying to come up with the correct code to use for this procedure. I have included the operative report to help. Thank you for taking the time to help me - I value your opinion.

    Katie in Wisconsin.
    Hello Mary, I have a question about a case and thought you could help. Arthroscopy shoulder with removal of internal fixation in the joint with bicep tenotomy. Would code 29819 work......for the whole case? It is a medicare patient and I work at an ASC. or would you use 20680 and 29999? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. THanks! Kelly
    I also have purchased a practicum. It states that it is six hours long. Does anyone know if you can do the practicum a couple of hours at a time and get in and out of it? Or do you have to sit and do it in a straight six hour period?
    Good Moring Mary:

    I just wanted to tell you I bought the cASCC practicum, very interesting, and yes they have C codes, You are on the money when you answer questions.
    have a question pt was admitted for surgery but could not get intubated so the surgery was not performed. the pt has anesthesia. can you bill for the surgery even though the doctor did not see the pt. i wouldnt think you could but just need another imput on this.
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