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  • Karen,

    I recommend billing your true charge, not one reduced 15% because a PA performed the service.
    Keep in mind the limiting charge though if you work for a non-par provider.

    Hi - my name is Karen Varnedoe and I live in Brunswick, GA. I am a member of this group and newly certified coder but have been unable to come to the meetings due to my work schedule - hope to attend soon though. I have a question on billing PAs and CFA in surgery. I'm in an orthopaedic surgeon's office. Here's my question: When billing a surgery for physician and PA assistant - I'm billing the physician fees and then do I bill the PA's fees at same amount and the insurance company pays the percentage or should I bill a percentage of the phys. fee?
    You must have done it since you show up as a friend in my list! I guess we can both be welcomed into this century's networking tool! :)
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