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    Therapeutic scuba diving for PTSD

    Thank you !!!
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    Therapeutic scuba diving for PTSD

    They do have a complete staff of qualified therapist. occupational and phycologist. They are retired Green Berets and Navy Seals on staff that have benefited from scuba diving as therapy. I'm just trying to help out a friend. They have a complete staff of qualified individuals and they have a...
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    Therapeutic scuba diving for PTSD

    Ok just throwing this out there. I have a friend that is trying to help a scuba shop set up a program for PTSD patient to take scuba lessons. They have several patient lined up with referrals. . They mostly have TriCare and I think one has BCBS . She is looking to see what CPT code would best...
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    99231 rounding visit.

    When our Dr. round on patient does there need to be a exam everytime. The may be checking to see how the patient is feeling and my go over test results or my order test. I work for general surgery dr. They consult the patient and if they do not need surgery at that time the may order test and...
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    LAR with Ileostomy

    This always confuses me. When our Dr. does a Lower Anterior Resection sometimes he will do a Ileostomy on the other side, not a colostomy. So is it still the same as 44208 or is it 44207 and 44310 ? Thank you, Marie
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    Inguinal exploration, no hernia

    Thank you :)
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    Inguinal exploration, no hernia

    I am just not sure on this on. No hernia was found. He just did exploration. Thanks for any input PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Recurrent right inguinal hernia (ICD-9 code 550.9). POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSES: 1. No evidence of recurrent hernia. 2. Hydrocele. PROCEDURE PERFORMED: Right inguinal...
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    liver biopsy with lap chole

    I also coded for general surgery and I agree. That's what we also use. 47379 with "like" code 47100 mg
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    lap partial cecectomy

    thank you :)
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    lap partial cecectomy

    Help please, Not sure on this one it not a true rt colectomy 44205 . He only removed a corner of the cecum. Report as follows. INDICATIONS: This pleasant 71-year-old patient of Dr. _____ was referred to my office after undergoing screening colonoscopy which revealed a serrated adenoma of the...
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    Any info on LexiCode ?

    Thank you for some great advice. Marie
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    Any info on LexiCode ?

    Hi gang, Does anyone work for or have worked for LexiCode. I have seen several nice looking ads from them. I was looking for a outpt. remote job and this always looks appealing. I would appreciate any input. Thank you, Marie
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    Exc of Schwannoma with nerve grafting

    I have never seen any thing like this one. The patient was brought to the OR and placed under MAC anesthesia and the right leg which had been marked in holding was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion. The lesion was located on the lateral tibia about 20 cm proximal to the ankle and...
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    Intraabdominal FB (IUD)

    I need help please on this one. Not sure how this could happen, but the patient had a IUD that became disloged and was in the abdominal cavity. The patient was brought to the OR and placed under general anesthesia. The arm was prepped and draped in usual sterile fashion. A 10 mm and 5mm port...
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    wound exploration - healing granulation tissue

    that code is related to wound(s) resulting from penetration trauma. I have the same problem. I'm just not sure on those type of procedures. The last one I had did have a old suture in the wound so I used the removal of foreign body subq complicated 10121.