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    Question thoracic laminectomy

    Use the same Thoracic Laminectomy CPT code with a Modifier 76 or 77.
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    Injection need help with ml vs mg how to calculate

    Injections Thank you Thomas. This did help. I was looking at this completely wrong.
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    Injection need help with ml vs mg how to calculate

    The providers always document ml and the HCPCS mostly has mg. I need to figure out the caluclation to verify the units are correct. example: 1.) 6ml 0.25% Bupivacaine and 2 ml of 4 mg/ml Dexamethasone. 2.) 2ml 0.25% Bupivacaine and 1 ml of 4 mg/ml Dexamethasone Thank you
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    Family Medicine Provider billing Pathology/Lab series

    Can a Family Medicine Provider bill a CPT from the Pathology/Lab series? Office note: KOH shin prep was negative CPT 87220 DX: R21 rash
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    87210 Wet Mount vs 87220 Tissue exam by KOH slide

    Can someone please let me know where I can find a better explanation of these two codes. The way I'm interpreting these codes is: 87210 - Smear, Primary source with interpretation; wet mount for infectious agents (eg, saline, India ink, KOH preps). This would be used for Vaginal Discharge...
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    Impella VAD

    Thank you all for your responses. Yes, this was a replacement. The 34812 would be great but this was an Axillary cut-down. I spoke to someone from Abio-med. They suggest the 33999 Unlisted procedure.
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    Impella VAD

    Procedure: Insertion of Impella 5.0, Left ventricular support device with Removal of left Femoral Percutaneous 2.5 Impella. How would I bill a 33990 Insertion of VAD - if it was done as, Cut down/open? Would it be 33990 with a modifier 22? I think the removal of Impella 2.5 is Bundled into...
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    CABG Arterial or Venous Graft??

    Yes, 33533 IMA to LAD 33518-22 is - (1st)the Saphenous Vein Graft to the Ramus (this does include the Radial Artery attached to the hood of the Saphenous Vein) and (2nd) Saphenous Vein Graft to the RCA. 35600 Harvest of Upper Extremity Artery
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    CABG Arterial or Venous Graft??

    Ok I will give this a try. I believe this would be a Venous Graft. In the CPT Note: To determine the number of bypass grafts in a coronary artery bypass (CABG), count the number of distal anastomoses (contact points) where the bypass graft artery or vein is sutured to the diseased coronary...
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    Cabg blunder

    Coding CABG I agree with ER CPC. You can NOT code 33511 & 33533 together. When coding a CABG: check what is done 1- Arterial Graft (33533-33536) 2- Combined Arterial & Venous Graft (33533-33536 and 33517-33523) use one from each code group...
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    Resection of tricuspid posterior leaflet

    I agree with the Procedure code, but question the Modifier. Was the Valvuloplasty separate from the Myxoma? Look at modifier 59.
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    VATS - help

    for the procedure done twice within a month, use a modifier. Look at Modifier 76 or 78.
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    Femoral artery exposure help

    Usually with exposure cases, I bill the same procedure code as the other Surgeon. You would add Modifier 62 to the procedure and make sure the other Surgeon also uses the 62 modifier.
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    Cardioverter-defibrillator SUBCUTANEOUS LEAD INSERTION

    I don't use the Category III codes, but thank you.
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    Cardioverter-defibrillator SUBCUTANEOUS LEAD INSERTION

    Need help finding a code for - Revision of AICD , placement of left lateral chest subcutaneous lead insertion. (from op note) An incision was made over the scar of the previous AICD placement on the Rt subclavicular fassa. The skin was divided with the scalpel: the electrocautery was used to...