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    reporting drug wastage to Medicaid

    Many of the Medicaid health plans do not have a specific policy regarding reporting drug wastage on claims. Would it then default to CMS policy if they do not have one in place? Is it ok to report both the amount given and drug wastage on one line to Medicaid health plans? CMS states that it...
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    CO-97 Denials

    Usually CO-97 is the code is bundled into another code being billed the same day by your group. Is there another code that is being billed on the same day as your denied coded? Can you tell me the codes are being billed together on same day as the ultrasound code?
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    Transespohogeal Echo Interpretation

    CPT 93315 and 93317 are only used for Diagnostic study. What you are describing is for monitoring during procedure; this is coded with either CPT 93355 or CPT 93318 regardless of congential or non-congential. Below link provides some more indepth description of when each code should be used...
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    Silly questions about EKG's

    Confirmed ekg means the doctor confirmed the diagnosis and signed his/her interp. I’m not sure if the provider needs to sign the tracing as long as the interp is signed but I’m not 100% sure on this question. Yes the interp can be documented in progress note.
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    Clinical Trial ID# 33340

    CPT 33340  Primary ICD-10 diagnosis code (one of the following): o I48.0- Paroxymal atrial fibrillation o I48.1- Persistent atrial fibrillation o I48.2- Chronic atrial fibrillation o I48.91- Unspecified atrial fibrillation  Place of service code: 21 (inpatient hospital)  Secondary diagnosis...
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    Cardiology/Cardiothoracic/Vascular surgery coder

    Misty Dawn Sebert CPC, CCC, CCVTC 509-435-6585 Open to FT, PT or Contract PositionCertified Cardiology and Cardio-thoracic coder with 8+ years of experience specialized in Cardiology coding...
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    Denials Vascular Procedure

    Yes it is denied because 75630 and 75716 can not be coded together and there is a CCI edit. 75630 is for single cath placement in the aorta with extremity run off. 75625 – Aortography, abdominal, by serialography, radiological supervision and interpretation 75630 – Aortography, abdominal...
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    pacemaker lead extraction and explantation of generator

    Depends on the type of system the pacemaker lead or leads are removed from. 33234 is used when a pacemaker lead is removed from a SINGLE lead system (atrial or ventricular) and 33235 is used when a single or multiple leads are removed from a DUAL lead system . CPT 33234 and 33235 do not included...
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    Denials Vascular Procedure

    75630 basically includes 75710 or 75716. 75630 is used to describe a SINGLE cath placement in the arota with extremity run-off. See below link for some case examples:
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    Internal Mammary with LHC

    If doctor is checking the IMA for potiental CABG then use CPT 93459 (Coronaries + LHC + Native/Bypass graft). This is included in the work of 93459 to determine the viability of the IMA as a bypass graft. Codapedia has good article on this.
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    Denials Vascular Procedure

    Without seeing the report it is difficult to say what codes are correct or not. However I can tell you a couple things I do see questionable just by looking at the codes. 75630 and 75716 would never be coded together. Need to review where the cath placements where for the angio and correct...
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    EVAR for pseudoaneurysm in aortofemoral vein graft

    37236 can be used in lower extremity unless treating occlusive "(except lower extremity artery(s) for occlusive disease..." cpt 2017
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    EVAR for pseudoaneurysm in aortofemoral vein graft

    I thought 37226 was for treating stenosis and was not used for aneurysms?
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    TAVR Assist Surgeon issues

    These can only be coded with the 62 modifier. 80 modifier is not allowed by medicare on these procedures.