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    Diagnosis Codes for Emergency Medicaid

    ICD10 crosswalks Have you tried taking the ICD9 list and using a crosswalk to the ICD10?
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    Diagnosis selection

    asthma I agree with you. There is no way to get to intrinsic asthma based on the info given. The trail is bronchitis-asthmatic-with acute exacerbation. 493.22 or Asthma(bronchial) -wirh acute exac 493.22
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    Attorney and cpc's

    cpcs for law cases Check your local DME companies- there are frequent RAC audits in that industry.
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    Coding "test" as part of interview?

    We give a test My company has a coding test requirement for hire. If you are used to coding with an encoder we only supply books so practice . We use it to see if the coder READS the book notes, applies 5th digits where indicated, can tell a correctly tied diabetic manifestation to one that...
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    Test yourself question

    use search function I too sometimes have difficulty finding the answer to occaisonal questions on the quizzes. If you pull up the online version of the magazine you can use the search function(CTRL F) to look for keywords. I also print out a copy of the quiz and review the questions before I...
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    alzheimers dementia

    What if the word dementia is not used How would you code Alzheimers in the instance that is the only word used and the word dementia doesn't appear in the assessment? In that case, would you code Alzheimers disease alone? (Let's just say the claim has to be in today and the provider is...
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    **Please help with this EXACERBATION

    Astma with chronic bronchitis exacerbation Point out to your coworkers that code 493.22 has an excludes note for 491.20-491.22
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    looking for work in a hospital or medical office

    have you passed the CPC exam? You didn't state whether you have passed the CPC exam yet. Here in Santa Ana, we do hire new grads when we are looking for coders, but at a minimum you need to have passed the exam.
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    Staff Training for ICD -10

    Workbook Our company provided each coder with a 2015 ICD 10 draft and the workbook entitled Detailed instruction for Appropriate ICD 10 CM coding (We do not code facility here so we did not need the ICD 10 PCS). I took the AAPC ICD10 code set training. A coworker bought the practice test after...
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    AAPC's Online Course for ICD10...A Question

    Multiple guess Yes, the aapc online ICD 10 training course tests are multiple guess.
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    AAPC's Online Course for ICD10...A Question

    ICD-10 proficiency Yes, the online section tests for the icd 10 online course work just like the Test yourself for the Healthcare Business Monthly/old Coding Edge magazine. you take the section test, click grade and anything you miss you can go to Rationale and see the rationale and then...
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    help with specific statement for I-10

    How do you get there? So how do you get to OSTEOarthritis from just arthritis following path fx????? We aren't supposed to assume what isn't documented.
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    ICD-10 what is the correct way to code the question below?

    Sepsis The scenario doesn't say the pt is presenting with the acute injury- my read is the pt presented with sepsis (due to a puncture wound) initial encounter.
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    Diabetes and osteomyelitis in icd 10

    How will diabetes with osteomyelitis be coded in icd10? There is a code for diabetes with gangrene-it codes as diabetes with diabetic peripheral angiopathy with gangrene. Will we code it as Diabetes with other specified complication and osteomyelitis or just diabetes and osteomyelitis?????
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    How to code manifestation wjhen the secondary diabetes has resolved

    Pt has diabetic retinopathy due to secondary diabetes which has resolved. How do you code it.