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  • Hi, Machelle...thought I'd send you this post of an example of what breaks my heart in this public board.
    Hello anyone and everybody,

    My name is Beverly Morris and I need some help from my future coders. I am scheduled to take the CPC exam 11/13/10 for the 5th time, yes I said it, 5th time, I missed it by 2 points. I will pass it this time. I need to know if anyone has any practice material they don't need anymore, but most of all I need to know if anyone has a CPT 2010 book they are not using anymore. I had to borrow the book from someone the last time I took the test. I really need to get a book that I can write in, I like to have some notes in my CPT. So I am asking if anyone has a CPT 2010 book that they no longer need or can you sell it to me at a really big discount price, I really don't have the money to purchase right now, unemployed at the present. Would greatly appreciate any help that I can get.
    Hello Machelle,
    It is me Elena AGain, I could not find the direct info to you.
    my email at work is Ecastillo@jhsmiami.org
    i work at Jackson Health System and we conduct studies with UM
    Just curious - what is it like being a coder in Washington DC? I was out in Washington DC for an Uninsured Conference in December of 2007 and found it so interesting. I was not able to get to see much of DC due to our meetings often went to 7:00 PM and it was already dark, and bus tours had already left. I ate at some great little places near by the hotel. I would love to go back on vacation and see all of the sites and bring my husband (he is a big history buff).
    Have you lived in DC all of your life?
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