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    Question Neurosurgery Coding

    Externalization of a shunt is considered a "revision," so the appropriate code is 62230 (replacement or revision of CSF shunt, obstructed valve, or distal catheter in shunt system). If the shunt was completely removed and replaced, report 62258 (removal of complete CSF shunt system; with...
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    Neurosurgery - I have never coded

    Hey, My name is Tiffany and I am also a coder for NeuroSurgery specialty! I am new to Neurosurgery billing and coding and looking for helpful information. So, what does AANS stand for? And have you ever billed for any intraoperative procedures, like the EEG, SSEP, MEP?
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    Intraoperative Consultation

    Hey, I need to know if I can bill for intra-operative procedures as I know that intraoperative procedures are included with the surgery. It is confusing because a different surgeon is performing the intra-operative part rather than the attending. What do you know about intra-operative billing...