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    Need help with ICD-9 code

    What code would you use for "abnormal atrial conduction"? EDIT: "Aberrant atrial conduction" used in same note to describe condition.
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    CPMAs that took the NAMAS training course

    I live in South Florida and NAMAS is holding their CPMA training course down here in October. I was hoping that some of you that have taken the course can give me some information on how valuable it was to your success in achieving your CPMA credential. It is only a 2 day course, which kind of...
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    How would you code this DX??

    DX: Diabetes mellitus type 2 with exudative macular degeneration How would you code this? Any assistance appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Need help with ICD-9 code

    I need assistance finding a code. DX reads as follows: "Colon reticulosis with disruptive mucosa" Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    what to code: diagnosis vs diagnosis

    Yes, it should be indicated in the final impression/assessment. If you see that it was written throughout the body of the note, but the doc forgot to add it to his final impression, I would take the documentation back to the doctor for clarification, if that is even a possibility. That is how I...
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    what to code: diagnosis vs diagnosis

    When documentation indicates uncertainty in the diagnosis, it cannot be coded. In the case of the doctor documenting DX versus DX, neither can be coded. Instead, code signs and symptoms, to the highest degree of certainty for the encounter, until a definitive diagnosis is given. (This rule is...
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    billing EM level based on addendum

    Read this for some info into what you're looking for:
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    Help with Dx code

    I agree with dadhich.girish.
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    I agree with terribrown.
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    Job interview

    It really depends on how you word things. YOU may be okay with someone asking you flat out during a first interview, "What's the pay? Do you guys pay for my CEU's and keeping my credential/membership current?", but I know many others that are VERY turned off by these subjects being brought up...
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    Soft tissue mass in the esophageal gastric junction

    Anyone have any suggestions on this one?
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    deer tick removal

    Well, I'm going to go with yes, it's incorrect, for the tick removal and no, it's not incorrect, for the tick bite. AAFP is a fairly reputable source of information, that I know. However, I have never heard of "" so I cannot speak on that. Anyway, the reason that I say...
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    Job interview

    I, 100%, agree with FTessa. This is NOT the type of question to ask during the first interview.
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    Soft tissue mass in the esophageal gastric junction

    Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day weekend! Unfortunately, it's time to get back to work. I'm hoping someone can help me with this DX, "soft tissue mass in the esophageal gastric junction". I'm not sure what to assign here. It's pending evaluation so, until then, this is the most definitive...
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    Coding Acute DVT vs Chronic DVT

    It has nothing to do with when the patient is started on medication. Assumption is one of the biggest no-no's when it comes to coding. That is exactly what you would be doing if you were to assign the code for chronic DVT solely because the patient was started on an anticoagulant. To code...