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    Hydration code for 2 separate events 1 hour apart

    Er hydration coding dilemma. Did you find the answer to your question? If so please share your answer. I have a similar scenario in the ER. Patient was was given Saline from 0820-0850 for 30 minutes. (CPT 2017 states;Infusion hydration; initial 31 min. to 1hr.)...
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    IV Infusion and IV Push CPT Codes.

    IV Infusion and IV Push. Thank You to all who responded and provided an answer. :D
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    IV Infusion and IV Push CPT Codes.

    A patient was infused with Rocephin for 1 hour, then was given a IV Push into the left anterior cubitus. I was informed to code procedure as 96365 for infusion and 96375 for IV Push, not 96374. Can someone verify if this is correct coding? Thanks so much.
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    Nebulizer Treatments

    Thank You tru blue.
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    Nebulizer Treatments

    Are medical assistants able to provide neb treatments and if so would the billing and payment for administering the neb treatment be the same amount as if a Respiratory Therapist administered the treatment in the outpatient dept? All answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
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    92015 but no orders

    92015 & 92250 Hello, Am new to coding eye clinic visits. On the 2 CPT procedures would they be Technical Components or Professional Component. Thank You. 92015-Refraction 92250-Fundus Photography
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    Eyeglass repair

    Is there a ICD-9 Vcode for this? New to eye clinic coding. Thanks.
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    Uncontrolled dm with no lab workup.

    This PA always assigns ICD-9 codes for Diabetes. The latest entry is diabetic foot ulcer-uncontrolled. This patient was seen today. No labs were drawn for today's encounter but in looking at previous labs (09-19-12) glucose levels were high-270. Based upon those lab values todays encounter is...
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    Ppd readings

    This is usually a nurse visit only when patient comes back to clinic to have their ppd read. In this instance must a provider (MD,PA-C) sign off on the progress note? Thank You for responses.
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    thanks for ALL the responses and HELP. This is a great site for answers to yer questions!
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    T system forms

    T-SYSTEM. Do any coders use this form in their place of employment and if you do I have a question for you. There are 2 forms. One for the nursing staff and one for the physician. The nurse always fills out intake form then she fills out the CC and PFSH for the provider on the PHYSICIAN RECORD...
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    If a physician sees more than 4 patients in one day, all diagnosed with "URI" and the same medications are given to all,(tessalon,pseudoephedrin,motrin) does this encounter become less complex and the appropriate CPT code for "limited complexity" apply? CC and ros,exam, are almost identical for...
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    No chief complaint - chronic conditions

    Patient is 64 y.o. estab.patient with 2 chronic conditions, HTN and DM. DR. states in his HPI patient has no complaints and no new problems. For his assessment the Dr. assigns HTN and DM. Would this be coded as preventive med. 99396? Thank You for your answers.
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    V68.1 as first listed diagnosis

    Thanks Debra.
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    V68.1 as first listed diagnosis

    Is anyone using v68.1, issue of repeat prescriptions, as a primary dx., in the absence of a chief complaint for patients who have no complaints? We have patients who present for medication refills only for their chronic conditions, ie.,DM,HTN,CAD,etc.