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    Critical Care and inpatient rounding

    would you append the modifier to the rounding code or CC?
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    Critical Care and inpatient rounding

    I work for the hospitalist with over 100 providers, we're on 24/7 If a provider bills a rounding code and something happens later in the day and another provider bills critical care, can you bill for both? And would you append a -25 to the rounding or CC? What if it's an admission or discharge...
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    99406 and Hospital Admission/ CC

    would you append a modifier 25 to the tobacco cessation code or the admission/cc I work in a hospital our providers admit a lot of patients and we usually append mod 25 to the admission along with the AI mod-- but is it more appropriate to attach it to the 99406 And in cases when patient is...
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    Emergency Priviledges billing

    how would you bill for a provider who received emergency privileges to help with admitting/rounding but is not going to get credentialed-- could you potentially bill as a locums?
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    Initial vs Subsequent in Hospital setting

    I'm very confused when to use initial vs subsequent when a patient is in the hospital-- do we only use A for fist initial visit then switch to D for remainder of stay, or do we use A for entire time frame of hospitalization as we're "actively" treating a fracture etc?