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    Hydration,Pushes and Piggy backs

    Hello, You always need a start and stop time for infusion (Hydration, IVP or IV Push) in the documentation. You don't need to put the start and stop times on the claim. The type of infusion and amount of time of the infusion is what will determine which codes you will use. When I was learning...
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    J0885 Questions

    Hello, All - I just started a new position as a Practice Manager in an Oncology office. I am wondering if I could get some advice on coding J0885 (for Epoetin alfa, non-esrd). We are using the following DX codes: D64.81 C56.9 T45.1x5 We are getting denials due to being non-covered based on...
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    Urgent Care/Walk-In Clinic Incident-to Billing?

    Question: For a walk-in/urgent care clinic, the rendering provider is a PA and there is a physician on site that is the supervising physician. The claim is billed out under PA rendering and Doc supervising. The supervising doc does electronically sign the note, but the supervising doc is not...
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    Good Evening - Is there anyone familiar with coding and billing for Endocrinology? It is a brand new area for me and I am doing some research for a specialist in this area. I see very little information about this particular field. Thank you.
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    E/M Help!

    If you wouldn't mind, I'd be interested in your references. My email is Thank you!
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    Our practice switched to Athena in Sept. 2014. It really is a good system, in my opinion. The statement that Athena does ALL of billing is incorrect. There are different levels of working claims and not all of them fall under the Athena managed column. There will still need to be...
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    CPPM online course

    Honestly, I did not purchase any other material. I read, read, read and then re-read the study guide and did the course. I asked questions on the discussion boards and/or reached out with questions to the AAPC Facebook web site. I don't have years of experience as a manager. The material was...
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    CPPM online course

    This may be old, but I have to disagree. I think the course prepared me perfectly for the exam. If I wouldn't have done the course, I surely would not have passed. Is it hard? Oh yes. Very. The questions are tricky. But studying is the key. Ask questions if you don't understand something. A...
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    CPPM exam and course - anyone taken one or both??

    I took the online course and sat for the certification in April. I passed with a good % rate. If you really study the material in the course and re-read everything you should do well.
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    EP Device Clinic

    I am interested in hearing some opinions as well. I currently work in a Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology and Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery office setting. We have a device clinic and over the last few years there have been various opinions and the answer has never...
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    6 Minute Walk?

    Thanks, everyone. So it sounds like the test would be inclusive of the E/M level. Would we want to schedule a separate appointment just for the test, or would we use 25 modifier with E/M given there are to unique diagnosis and documentation? We would use the code as mentioned above.
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    Earned My CPPM Credentials!

    Thanks, all! And funny you'd say CBP, that is my next step! :)
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    Earned My CPPM Credentials!

    I am very excited to share that I passed the CPPM exam this last weekend. Any of you that have these credentials as well, any tips for a next step? I am thinking about doing the CBP - As this is an area of interest and where I have most of my experience. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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    6 Minute Walk?

    Does anyone have experience in billing for the six minute walk? Our office providers were wanting to utilize this in helping to manage pulmonary hypertenstion. They state it is also a good tool to use in managing heart failure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Pauline...
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    CPPM Study Group?

    Hi, All.. I just purchased and started the online course for the CPPM. Are there any study groups, or other members who are would like to start one? My email is: Thank you!