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    Question Patient with dementia

    We had a new patient come into our office from a local nursing home facility without much ppw unfortunately or send the radiographs that they were supposed to send along with her. She has dementia. When our provider tried to examine her, she was not able to communicate any signs or symptoms...
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    Question Coblation chondroplasty

    Has anyone been successful in coding/billing and receiving payment for this procedure? Wondering what you've used. I've been using 29999 for the warewolf coblation arthroscopic technique. Any advice/suggestions with this?
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    Question AAOS and AAPC vs CCI edits

    I'm newly employed to an organization that codes strictly to Medicare guidelines/CCI edits regardless of patient insurance coverage (except for work comp and no fault). I've always used information from the Coding Companion books to appeal claims that are denied for modifier 59 usage (i.e...
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    Help with anesthesia time

    I'm looking for help please. I usually code ortho but I'm helping to cover a gal who is out on disability who codes anesthesia. I've picked up on things fairly well but I need some guidance on labor/delivery time coding. I have the start/end times available but there are a few cases that the...
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    Open SLAP repair

    I was looking at that along with 23455 but in the description for 23450, it says for arthroscopic refer to 29806; the 23455 does not go back to a scope code......when looking at 29807 (these are all in the Coding Companion), it doesn't say anything about a code for an open type. Am I...
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    Open SLAP repair

    Is there a CPT for the open repair or is it unlisted? Thank you!
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    Can someone tell me please if Z71.2 is a primary billable code? Can it be used as the only dx on a claim? I know it cannot be used as a primary inpatient code for Medicare, but can we use it in the office, say for MRI results? Thank you! Kris
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    Need help coding: Stump revision or just I&D?

    I'll try to post a scrubbed up op note. I'm not sure if I should code this with the debridement codes because of the abscesses/ulcers or is this considered a stump revision? I was going to code it a revision but the surgeon did 11044 & 11047. Any help which way I should go? Patient's right...
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    Athroscopic Cyclops Lesion Code

    removal of a Cyclops is 29884
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    Z47.89 surgery aftercare code with UMR

    We use Z48.89 for post-ops without an issue or denials.
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    Retired MD

    A surgeon in our office has retired. His patients are now choosing other surgeons in the practice for procedures. If a decision for surgery was already made prior to his retirement but are now meeting the dr. that will be taking over their care, is that E/M billable since they're seeing them...
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    NYS billing for RPA's

    Hoping someone here can clarify an issue I'm having as I'm getting conflicting information regarding billing for physician assistants (in NY). Originally I was informed that Medicare does not recognize or will not pay for a physician assistant that is not 'certified' (RPA-C), now I'm being told...
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    Facility TC component and modifier 25

    Thanks Debra for your help!!! I've been seriously debating signing up for the COC training/exam to see if that will clear up a lot of my questions. Do you happen to know if this is information that they would cover as far as E/M's and modifiers and when/what is appropriate??? I'm struggling...
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    Facility TC component and modifier 25

    Thank you for your help! I received a call from the hospital now that with the insurances that are split billed, if we take a patient to surgery the day they're seen or the next (i.e., for a fractured ankle), rather than putting a 57 modifier on the E/M, for the technical portion they're saying...
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    Facility TC component and modifier 25

    I posted this originally on the 'modifier' thread but didn't get a response :(; maybe someone here can advise?? Thank you!!! Hoping someone can clarify for me as I'm confused. I've been billing in a private ortho practice for several years and we recently merged with a local hospital so we're...