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    Template for 98940-98943 Medicare

    Documentation... Hi Susan, I see that no one has responded to your post...I was interested to see what the answer was, too. This may not be exactly what you were looking for, but hopefully it will help a little...
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    First Coast Medicare?

    Thanks for your responses! I have been adding the M99__ sublux codes on (primary of course), and I too have not had a denial on those yet. :) I really do appreciate the input!!! -Kat in FL
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    First Coast Medicare?

    Hello, So, we are in FL, the ones with the oddball Medicare carrier who did not used to want a subluxation code as a primary dx on their claims. Now suddenly I got a bunch of C0-50 denials, looked and saw that there is a new LCD for 98940, 98941, etc (effective 9/12/16)...has anyone else in FL...
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    Need a good Neurosurgery reference book

    Sorry I am late replying to this... but hopefully you will see it :) The Neurosurgery/Neurology Coding Companion (I believe it is sold by Optum) is a great reference as far as I am concerned. I refer to it has in-depth descriptions of each procedure, and even has lists of the...
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    CPT code for subgaleal fluid collection?

    I have been looking at this procedure note for a week and am totally stumped, so I thought I'd put this out for suggestions. This fluid sampling was drawn by one of my surgeons to rule out meningitis. Brief procedure note: The skin was prepped with betadine prior to the bicoronal incision. I...
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    Assistance please

    thank you :) Kelly, thank you so much for replying. I PM'd you.
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    Assistance please

    I have been told by my supervisor that I do not need access to documentation to bill our doctors' hospital follow-up visits; that I should just bill what the doctor says to bill. Unfortunately, I have found that the doctors mark incorrect dates, don't document the visit at all, or the...
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    Need help w/a Dorsal Column Stimulator Removal Dx

    Hi all, I have a DCS removal that I'm having some trouble coming up with a diagnosis on. The patient had a DCS in place for back and leg pain. He had to have it removed because he required a pacemaker, which would have interfered with the function of the DCS, so my neurosurgeon had to remove it...
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    Non-E/M services being denied by Coventry

    Meagan, That's a good point about the nerve conduction tests...I'm going to look at the actual denials and see if they are only denying those, and not the EMG's themselves. Thanks for pointing that out... -Kat Update: the denials are on EMG's, and those are the ones performed by the...
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    Non-E/M services being denied by Coventry

    That was a good resource, but I'm thinking we need something to clearly define the difference between an E/M visit and a procedure, since Coventry's point of reference (the decision tree in the CPT book, page 5 in the professional edition) has "suddenly" muddled the two into "any professional...
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    Non-E/M services being denied by Coventry

    The exact wording that we are receiving on the denials is: "Only one initial visit is covered per specialty." You are pretty much right-on with the cpt codes that you stated, as far as nerve conduction studies...95900, 95903, 95904, 95934, and 95886. And yes, the patient is present when the...
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    Non-E/M services being denied by Coventry

    Our office has been having a problem (just this year) with Coventry denying some of our non-E/M services. Here's what's going on: We do nerve conduction studies in our office. These are not face-to-face, or E/M services, but they are being counted as such according to Coventry because, in the...
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    Intraoperative consult code?

    One of my surgeons "scrubbed in" on a co-surgery but the surgery code was not one that can be billed with a 62 modifier; so my surgeon is wondering if he can charge an intra-operative consult code? I have looked in the cpt code book; I have Googled; and I have had no success finding an...
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    Location of services question

    thanks anyway I called the RAC office and asked them the question. Thanks anyway.