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    I need Help Coding Intestinal Bypass??

    I would think that the mention of using a GIA stapler to create and end to end anastomosis between ileum and transverse colon would suffice as an ectomy. In addition, this service does not state that two small bowel areas were connected the op note said the colon and small bowel were connected...
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    Repositioning breast implant with flap revision

    Pt completed breast reconstruction as of April 2017, however implant were malpositioned and returned to revise breast by replacing implant, revising dog ear from previous breast reduction, revising flap. Would we bill 19340 with 19380 or only 19340? I'm just unsure if 19380 may be billed with...
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    Hemothorax drainage via thoracotomy

    skin incision was performed fascia and subcutaneous tissue were entered with electrocautery obtaining hemostasis simultaneously. the pleural cavity was entered, and clots were removed as well as blood. Once clots were removed, the cavity was irrigated. Approximately a total of 1.5-2L of blood...
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    Resection of colon and colostomy revision

    how did you end up coding this op note?
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    Lymphazurin Blue Injection

    Is lymphazurin blue injection radioactive? do we code 38900 or 38792? I continue to see different articles stating to bill one or the other during sentinel lymph node biopsy. Any info would help. Thanks
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    Repair of left ventricular aneurysm

    I thought 33548 is only used if the heart is restored to it's normal shape? The note doesn't talk about reshaping the left ventricle only suturing a patch. My concern is that I'm going to over code this service.
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    Excision of pilonidal cyst with rhomboid flap

    Hello can someone please confirm.
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    Repair of left ventricular aneurysm

    Hi there, pt is under going a CABG surgery and during the surgery the physician discovers a ventricle aneurysm so he decides to repair it by entering the left ventricle and suturing a pericardial patch to the inner part and healthier part of the left ventricle. How would we code this? I was...
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    Excision of pilonidal cyst with rhomboid flap

    Hi Coding King to clarify your post are you saying 11772 and 14000 can be reported separately?
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    Excision of pilonidal cyst with rhomboid flap

    thanks for your reply but I'm wondering how you came up with this answer? if you check the codes against CCI they are not bundled. I understand the cpt guidelines state not to separately report excision of a benign or malignant lesion however the codes are listed as 11600-11646 or 11400-11446...
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    Colostomy Takedown during global period

    Pt is with in the global of a partial colectomy with colostomy and is seen in the office two months later to discuss takedown of colostomy, can we bill the E&M service as unrelated to original surgery? if yes, what dx would we use for the visit?
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    Excision of pilonidal cyst with rhomboid flap

    Hi there if anyone can please tell me if we can bill an excision of pilonidal cyst 11772 and a rhomboid flap 14000? Please explain when we can bill or why we would not?
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    45111 vs 44145

    Can someone please help me to figure out what is the different between 45111 vs 44145. They both remove part of the rectum and anastamos the remainding rectum to the colon. Help
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    Repair of brachial artery aneurysm

    Pt had an old AVF graft excised a few years a go now returns due to pseudoaneurysm in the old scar. Physician reapairs the aneurysm by oversewing and excising the rest of the capsulte. What code can i use for this service? :confused:
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    Removal of CVP during global

    Pt had an AVF insertion placed and during the global the pt comes in to the office to have his CVP removed due to obsolete dialysis catheter. Can we bill the 36589 and if so what modifier do we use?