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  • Good Morning Ms. Buckholtz-
    I posted a question early to the general discussion. I am hoping you can help me out. If we hire a resident(s) to work in our clinic(s) I have stated we should bill under the resident's provider number. However, another colleague is indicating we can bill inciden-to. I disagree based on the the resident is fully license to practice medicine, is moonlight and services being rendered are not related to his/her training program. Is this correct or am I complete off-base? I appreciate any information you can provide. Thanks

    Stephanie Timmons
    President, Casa Grande Chapter

    I was wondering if you could help me answer a question? We are a Rural Health Clinic and our physician wants to start billing for G0179-G0182. Can you tell me what the Revenue code is to bill for these services? Since we are Rural Health we have to bill on a UB-04 because we are hospital based. Is there anything else that I should be aware of when billing these codes? Thanks for any help that you can give me on this situation!!

    Rhonda Long
    Paxton Clinic
    email is Rhonda.Long@gapho.org or falconfans@sbcglobal.net

    I recently became certified with the instructor certification through AAPC. What I am wondering about is who will be teaching the ICD-10-CM/PCS courses to other CPCs and shouldn't the instructors obtain credentialing ahead of time? I am interested in teaching ICD-10-CM/PCS, but I have to learn it myself. AHIMA has organized a course in instructing potential teachers for ICD-10 and to credential them in that area. Will the AAPC offer a similar course? If so is there a plan to offer the course any time soon?

    Thank you
    Stephanie Kimbrel, CPC, CPC-H, CPC-I

    Could you give me updated information for infusion/injection coding. Our documentation doesn't always give the stop time and we are in an ongoing debate as to whether this can be coded at all. The only information I found from Indiana Adminastar was from 2006 stating infusions without a documented stop time could be coded as a push. Appreciate your help!!

    Hi, Rhonda, I was wondering who I should ask about this. Our last meeting was a coding round table. The president and I (pres-elect) brought in a few blinded records and we passed them out and discussed them, round table style. The members LOVED it and want to do it again. Would we be able to get CEUS to do this again with different cases? If we had to change it some, I was thinking I could bring in the "EXtreme Coding" page from a few Coding Edges, or we could just do E/M, or (heaven forbid) Heart caths.. could you find out for me?
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