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    Office Visit and Injection Bundle

    If you don't see them for any other problem but the problem they are doing the injection for they won't pay unless it's the first visit
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    X-ray being done in office

    We have received denials for uhc on X-rays where we only bill the professional component they recently have changed their guidelines to when billing one component it is included in the office visit
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    Auditing system

    I am in the process of implementing an audit system for our coding Dept, I would like to know what most say their accuracy rate is, do you audit a percentage and how often do you audit?
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    New Injection Guidelines

    attached is an an article from Margie Vaught, this attachment was under another question that was posted on the forum about shoulders but also has the injection information on it as well. i will be more then happy to email the other article i have if anyone would like...
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    new rules for Shoulders in 2013

    "CMS considers the shoulder joint to be a single anatomic structure". has anyone looked into this further? Meaning if you do more then one procedure on "a shoulder" you can only bill one code whether it is open or scoped?
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    New Injection Guidelines

    so our question is also, would you report the higher RVU regardless of the procedure performed. Thanks for your help!
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    New Injection Guidelines

    We are having this same discussion in our office now. We have an article from the Legislative & Regulatory Update volume 7, issue 12 dated December 2012 and it states as follows: CCI clarifies E/M bundling policy New language added to Chapters 1 and 4 of the manual makes it clear: E/M...
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    Closed Fracture Care and Open Fracture Care

    if he did not manipulate the fracture no you would not charge 27810, sounds like he just casted the patient until he could operate the following day.
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    29826 Confusion

    here is the problem we are having. we do the 29826 as an add on code along with one of the other codes but they also do a open RCR 23412 and it shows the 29826 included with 23412??? NOW WHAT?
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    procedure in post-op period

    cant bill it.
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    fracture with manipulation

    what does he bill? i would think he would want to get paid for the work he put into it by charging for reducing the fracture. i think he would come out better in the end.
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    i agree without looking at the OP Note its hard to tell. If the diagnostic scope was done and it the decision was made to convert to an open claviculectomy then yes it would be included and you are not going to get paid for the diagnostic scope.
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    I am taking a long shot here... I have a physician who does EMG's, when doing those she sometimes does "special studies" to make sure there are not any undlying conditions, she calls the Bacterian, a transcarpal median/radial comparison and ulnar Inchiry?? has anyone ever heard of these and if...
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    2nd request-hardware removal

    so he made 2 seperate incisions and removed hardware twice? was it like a bimalleolar fx? if he made 2 seperate incisions and removed different hardware from both incisions i have always been told you can bill it.
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    non operative treatment of a fracture

    We have a paitent who saw another ortho group 6 months ago for a radius/ulna fracture. In november the patient started seeing us. they now delveloped a non-union of that fracture. Can our physician charge non operative treatment of that fracture even though is is 6 months old and is a non...