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    Question D&C in office

    D&C without suction performed in office for incomplete abortion. can I use 59812 although no suction was used?
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    Question replacement of IV access

    patient with POT syndromn is being seen by pcp to replace IV access at chest area which had fallen out. original placement was done with different provider. is there a CPT code for the replacement? or is it included in E/M?
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    Question personal history ICD-10

    is there a time frame for when a condition can be coded as history of? for example: patient follows up with primary care 7 days after being treated in ER for cellulitis. the condition is now resolved. do i code Z09, Z87.2?
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    insufficient prenatal care

    Hi from which gestational week is it considered insufficient care? lets say patient presents for her first OB visit at 17 weeks(second trimester) is this considered late prenatal care?
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    AmniSure ROM

    just want to clarify if CPT code 84112 is correct to use for ROM(rupture of fetal membranes) test.
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    IUD attemt

    but service was discontinued not because would threaten the patient’s health, provider had trouble locating the strings
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    IUD attemt

    good morning if provider attempted to remove an IUD but was unsuccessful, can I use 58301 with modifier 52?
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    so i dont bill the mannual clot removal at all?
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    an hour after delivery patitent experianced heavy bleeding. was brought back to OR for Manual exploration of the uterus and cervix with removal of clots from uterus. can i bill 59160?
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    antepartum care

    thanks for your reply so if provider requests to seperate the delivery and antepartum, can i bill the antepartum care on same encounter as delivery? the place fo service is different though for anterpartum since done in office (POS 11)
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    D&C in office

    If provider removes intrauterine retained product of conception in the office via suction or other instruments, is it part of the e/m or can it be billed seperatly? 59812- Treatment of incomplete abortion, any trimester, completed surgically 59820- Treatment of missed abortion, completed...
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    antepartum care

    Patients switched Ob providers during pregnancy and is being seen with new Dr for 4 prenatal visits prior delivery and for postpartum. How is the correct way to bill delivery? 59410, 59425? Or is the antepartum care billed on separate encounter?
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    McRobert's and corkscrew rotational maneuvers

    patient had Left shoulder dystocia during delivery which was relieved within less than one minute with McRobert's and corkscrew rotational maneuvers. is there a CPT code for that or is it included in delivery code.
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    tick bite

    tnx so much what if pt comes in for tick bite on right shoulder and provider removed tick for which primary diag is reported as S40.261A-(Insect bite (nonvenomous) of right shoulder, initial encounter). provider instructed patient to come back few week for lyme test. can i report...
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    tick bite

    which ICD10 code is correct to report when patient is seen to check for lyme disease 6 weeks after tick bite. bite is resolved at this visit. our providers code W57.XXXD (Bitten or stung by nonvenomous insect and other nonvenomous arthropods, subsequent encounter). is this code correct code...