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    BBL, IPL for Rosacea 17111?

    Hello, Looking for clarification on billing insurance for BBL or IPL treatment for Rosacea? This would be to any insurance, not one in particular. Would 17111 be the appropriate code? thanks,
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    Interpolation Flap--documentation requirements. Is this enough

    Hello, Wondering about this closure documentation. This scenario is for MOHS, for BCC on the right helix, with closure same day, this is all on one note. At first, all it said was "Closure, Interpolation repair." Then it was corrected to say the following: "Because of the size, location, and...
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    Dermatology- Is this area considered the LIPS or the FACE?

    Hello, Looking for clarification on this location please. When coding dx and procedures on the area of skin directly under the nose, not touching the actual lip or lip border at all, is this still considered the "upper lip" or "other part of face?" I know code choices will differ depending on...
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    Scissor snip biopsy or removal, multiple specimens, path is not skin tag.

    Hello, Our staff comes across this type of note daily, and would like some clarification on what is the proper way to bill this scenario? Thank you in advance. Note copied below: Dx given in note as D49.2 and skin tags. Scissor Snip biopsy Left axilla x4, Right axilla x3, Groin IFEP. The area...
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    2019 Biopsy codes. 69100, 11102 and 11103

    3 separate biopsies-add on code calling for modifier It is One left ear biopsy along with two other shave biopsies of different locations. The question was in regards to a modifier being called for on the (add-on) code of 11103. I was under the impression add on codes did not generally require...
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    2019 Biopsy codes. 69100, 11102 and 11103

    Hello, I am trying to bill a left ear biopsy (69100) along with two shave biopsies (11102+11103). I am getting an edit requesting for a modifier to be put on the add-on code of 11103, because it is butting up against 69100. I was under the impression add-on codes do not require modifiers. Am...
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    New biopsy codes vs CCI

    Wouldn't the example above ( Provider performs one incisional biopsy, one punch biopsy, and one tangential biopsy) be coded as follows? 11106 (primary) x1 11105 (+add-on) x1 11103 (+add on) x1 thanks,
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    Counting skin exam elements, Dermatology

    Hello, We are having a debate after an audit and need clarification on counting elements of a skin exam- 97 guidelines. In order to count "head, including face" (as listed on the specialty skin exam) Can just the face be examined for your 1 point, or does it have to document BOTH the head AND...
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    Risk factor for Skin Biopsy

    Hi, We are having a debate in our office regarding choosing the Risk Factor for Skin Biopsies. When looking at the RISK table, skin biopsy is found under the Low Risk column. Others are looking to the Moderate risk column, under "Undiagnosed new problem with uncertain prognosis e.g. lump in the...
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    Risk factor for destruction of lesions?

    Hi, We are having a debate whether destruction of benign or malignant lesions 17000-17110 are considered a *Minor Surgery WITH Identified Risk Factors, or Minor Surgery WITH NO Identified Risk Factors* under the Management Options category when coding EM levels. For example sake, lets say pt...
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    Can a porcine graft be billed with MOH's?

    Hi, Having some trouble getting 15275 (Porcine Graft) paid when done with MOh's. Is anyone having problems billing porcine grafts, or is anyone getting reimbursed for them? Under what circumstance are they being billed, or what documentation is needed to show Medical Necessity for billing one...