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  • Hello - congratz on the compliance position. I'm a bit behind with my reply, haven't signed on in a while. The site was giving me problems and is still running very sluggish. How do you like your new field?
    Hello Roxanne,
    At the last meeting May 11, 2010 for the local chapter, I did not receive my paper with the code for the 2 CEU's for this meeting. Please email the code to me so that I may apply it to my CEU tracker.
    I really enjoy the meetings I have attended and look forward to resuming in the fall.


    Best Regards,
    mary White
    Hi Roxanne -
    I am originally from York. I am sitting for the CPC exam on April 3rd in DE. I have thought about moving back to the York area to be closer to family. Can you tell me about your group? What is the job climate in the York area? Can you give me a salary range for CPC-A coders and if any of the facilities will do externships?
    Hi Roxanne -

    I haven't been looking at my account for a while, I apologize for the late reply. I definitely hope you had/have the best of luck.
    How did it go?
    Best regards and happy holiday - whichever applies to you!
    Thank you for the encouragement. I plan on attending the January evening meeting and just sent my check today. I am very eager to meet the other local coders and billers and will be open to any suggestions for the job search process. I am very patient and am applying all over so someone will bite. Have a great holiday, enjoy the snow, and I will see you in January!
    Hi Roxanne -

    We spoke briefly in June and I was just wondering if you went for the compliance job you had mentioned.

    Best regards,
    CONGRATULATIONS! That's great, I took mine last Sat. I thought it was hard and I took the whole 5.5 hours to take it. When did you find out did it take the whole 2 weeks?
    Hello -
    I also read some of your posts. Nice to know there are others who have the same basic understanding. I love working in compliance, my main focus here is on professional billing and esp. E/M (but you already noticed that). You should definitely let your employer know you are interested.

    As for the CEMC - I just last week submitted the application.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions or just to chat outside of the forums.

    Best wishes,
    Karolina, CPC
    I am scheduled to take my exam June 6. I'm nervous also,tests make me nervous anyway. I heard it was pretty easy though. I think the practicum is pretty easy. Good Luck on your exam let me know how it was.
    It was great Roxanne. Please plan to attend next year because I feel it is a great reward. I am planning as we speak to attend next year.
    The reason that I went back to the "9-5" is because the physicians were not willing to pay a consultant to come in a "give good info" to run their practices.
    We are 2 hours from PA...I live 15 mins from BWI Airport and I travel to the DC Chapter which is 20 mins away from my home. We would be glad to have you join us for a meeting. I have friends in Ephrata that I visit at least every three months-nice drive...
    Good thinking about not leaving your new employee stranded alone while you attend the conference. lol...

    Have a great and productive day.
    Oh forgot to mention that I was a biller prior to being a coder. I was a consultant for 10 years before I decided to go back into the 9-5 game 2 months ago. It feels good in getting a paycheck every two weeks again. lol.
    I am attending the Conference.
    My specialities are Multi-Specialties( Emergency Med, Internal Med, Family Med) Ortho, Peds, Some Surgery.
    I have been coding for 26 years and really have seen it all but I don't Cardio coding.
    The DC Chapter suppose to have a Monthly Meeting on April 25th (4 credits) if you are able to attend.
    Hey there,

    I am doing well, which conference are you speaking about. There is one in Maryland that I want to attend but don't know where it's located in Maryland, the Maryland chapter is sponsering it in late May. Let me know the details of the one your speaking about and I will do my best to show up. You can email at work rthames@heritagemedgrp.com
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