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    Studying for CPC exam

    Guidelines and the parenthetical notes listed with certain codes will be a tremendous help to you. Take as many (variety) practice exams as you can you have a little over 2 minutes for each question. Answer the simpler questions first then save the longer reports for last and pick out the key...
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    MEDI-CAL - Well Woman Exam CPT Codes

    Certain jobs require you to have a coding certification but if you're doing the billing in a small practice it's generally not required.
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    CPC Exam Scores - Does anyone know what percentage is needed

    I took the exam this past Saturday and got the good news today. My advice is to answer all the med term, HCPCS and any area that you're very strong in first that will build your confidence up. Modifiers and ICD-9 codes are very helpful in making a decision between code choices. And most...