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    Charging 66984 and 65865

    Hi Wendy, The 65865 is a CCI edit of the cataract surgery. Jenn S. CPC, OCS, OCSR
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    Question pterygium removal and cpt 65778

    Hello, Have you received any answers on this? We do them at the same time in the ASC or in post op on a different day so I can't say whether that works. I am assuming the Prokera is preplanned for these cases? Would they consider doing the POV's next day instead?
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    Question MDM- Risk Table for Inter-articular Joint injections.

    I would say moderate risk applies. The cortisone is a prescription drug and the admin of it is a minor procedure so per the risk table either of those would still fall under moderate risk. To support it further, the diagnosis they are treating would probably be a worsening chronic condition...
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    Difficult Case - Ophthalmology ASC MAC Anesthesia

    Can anyone help with how to code this scenario... Patient presents to pre-op (ASC) and MAC anesthesia is started. Patient is taken to a laser suite to have Femtosecond Laser prior to their cataract surgery. The patient becomes non-compliant and the laser (not billable to insurance) is aborted...
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    Documentation Requirements for in-office procedures

    Hello, Trying to find out if an op note/procedure note is REQUIRED for any/all procedures performed in office? I need to know if it is written somewhere in black and white that a procedure note with details including pre-op prep and post-op/discharge instructions is needed even when performed...
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    New CCI Edits - Ophthalmology

    ours are all being denied as well. We have to appeal each and every one of them. I am unsure about the ophthalmoscopies though. The Ophthalmic Coding Coach still shows billable RT and LT. Are you doing Fundus photos on the same day as well? We have had that problem before. Our insurance co's in...
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    New CCI Edits - Ophthalmology

    RE New CCI Edits I just read a "News Flash" from Corcoran stating that we bill as usual appending modifier 25 when appropriate for office visits w/intravitreal injections. They caution to be extra vigilant that the documentation supports the billing of the exam in addition to the injection...