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    Angio dbt

    If angioplasty and stenting performed on RT common iliac and external iliac vein and only angioplasty performed on RT common and superficial femoral vein. Can we code all or only angioplasty stenting of RT common iliac and external iliac vein is enough(NCCI edit will come for angioplasty alone)...
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    Can anyone explain...What is "Oblique veiw"? how was it used for radiology? :) Kindly help Thanks in Advance,
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    ICD Clarification

    Icd Clarifiication Thank you all and welcome for the replies... Always with regards...
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    ICD Clarification

    Can anyone help me know the exact icd 10 code for "Cervical Myelopathy" with Correct navigation on ICD 10 book???
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    biopsy intraluminal vena cava mass

    PROCEDURE: CT-guided biopsy inferior vena cava intraluminal mass COMPARISON: Multiple prior CTs and MR venography INDICATION: vena cava mass SEDATION: Moderate IV, 2 mg Versed, 100 mcg Fentanyl, 20 minutes sedation time, monitored by nursing staff TECHNIQUE: With patient in prone...