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    Aviacode - Has anyone had experience

    Has anyone had experience with Aviacode? Are they a good company to work for? Thanks for your feedback! Sharon A:)
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    CPC 12 years experience in Orthopedics

    I am looking for a Remote opportunity for coding Orthopedic Surgery and/or Orthopedic E&M. See attached resume. Thank you!
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    I have always keyed it with just the LT or RT modifiers since it is a web space. :rolleyes:
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    Percutaneous fixation of medial malleolus

    Good morning, I was thinking 27814 would not be accurate in this case and I should report: 27792 with 27762 - would that be correct? Thanks for your help! Here is the operative report: Patient was taken to the operating room and placed supine on the operating table where a laryngeal mask...
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    Searching for Remote Orthopedic Coding Opportunity

    Sharon N. Andrews, CPC, CEMC Contact address: P.O. Box 586, Jarrell, Texas, 76537 e-mail : | 512-809-0353 | 512-439-1932 I have been coding Orthopedics since 2001 and I still learn something new on a regular basis. I enjoy dissecting an operative report and...
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    Pin pull- bil feet- all 10 toes

    How was the original surgery coded (the osteotomies) I think that dictates how you would bill for hardware removal. If the osteotomies were coded as 28310 and 28312 for ea toe then I think you are justified billing separately for ea pin removal. Hope that helps
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    OCD Talus

    Help! We have two foot and ankle specialists that at times repair an OCD of the talus. They are stating that since the graft utilized is not an "osteochondral graft" the procedure is not an OATS (28446). I will post the operative report as soon as it is completed but wanted to know if anyone...
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    Billing 29877 instead of 29880/29881

    I agree that 29877 is included in 29881 - I just need documentation to satisfy my physician that we can not bill 29877 instead of 29881. So does someone have access to Orthopedic Coders Pink Sheet June 2012? thanks
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    Modified McBride with screw removal

    Are you only reporting 28292 and not 28306-59 (See CPT Assistant December 2010) For Modified McBride it should be reported as 28292, 28306-59. :)
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    Billing 29877 instead of 29880/29881

    He performed a meniscectomy and a chondroplasty. In my opinion the intent of the procedure was the meniscectomy. He performed and documented both procedures. Does anyone have access to Orthopedic Coders Pink Sheet June 2012? Thanks!
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    Billing 29877 instead of 29880/29881

    Hey, I have a physician that is challenging us on this issue. He is wanting to bill 29877 instead of 29881. I know there was an article that addressed this in the Orthopedic Coders Pink Sheet June 2012 - would someone be willing to copy and paste the article in response to this message? We...
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    shoulder question

    29823 It is my understanding that in order to bill 29823 debridement must be performed in the subacromial and glenohumeral joint. So it would depend on if the RCT is in the glenohumeral joint along with the labrum or in the subacromial space. If in both then you may be justified in billing...
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    Extensor Mechanism Allograft Reconstruction

    Any responses Hey, my doc just did the same procedure. I was able to talk to him this morning. The procedure he performed included an osteotomy into the proximal tibia - insertion of an allograft bone block and allograft "extensor mechanism". We looked thru the CPT book and concluded that...
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    Need CPT code for navicular excision

    Operative report Anyway you could post the note? Need more information. Thanks!
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    Help with shoulder surgery

    I will definitely be having that conversation with him. Thanks so much for your help - will let you know how it turns out!