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    Decompression lumbar laminectomy for S1-S2 level

    Does anyone know what CPT code to use for S1-S2 level ? 63047 is for lumbar, would I use that or is there an unlisted and use an unlisted ?? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Sheila, CPC
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    Injection for Hardware

    thank you very much
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    Injection for Hardware

    A pain doctor wants to do “Injection for hardware blocks” to see if pain is coming from hardware ? Any suggestions on a CPT code ? thank you. Sheila
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    64415 interscalene block for post op pain management

    Hi we are an ASC billing for the facility and was wondering if anyone is billing the 64415 (giving by the anesthesia dr) preoperatively to a shoulder arthroscopy (ex. 29827) and getting reimbursed. Are you billing with the -59 modifier since it is bundled ? I hear we should not bill to...
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    Colonoscopy with history of polyps

    If you have a Medicare pt & all the dr. notes is "history of polyps" (Z86.010), would you code the G0105 (high risk) or G0121 (not high risk) ? And does anyone have the current criteria for high vs. not high ? thank you so much. Sheila, CPC
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    UB04 claim form

    Does anybody know if the UB04 claim form is changing for the ICD10 code or will the current one take all the digits?? Sheila, CPC
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    Colonoscopy - had a colon resection

    if a pt had a colon resection & came in for a colonoscopy with a 40cm ileocolonic anastomosis would i code a 45378 or 45330?? any imput would be appreciated. Sheila,CPC
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    Replacement of cross link between L4 and L5

    Can I get some imput.. Dr is removing and replacing the cross link at L4 and L5 I am thinking 22840, in addt to revision lumbar laminectomy Thank you Sheila, CPC
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    ASC facility billing 2 separate dr. 2 separate procedures

    Can I get some imput? We have drs. doing 2 separate surgerys, 2 separate sites. The commercial insurance such as Anthem pays then they take back there money usually on 1 of the cases. Then we would usually have to appeal the case. Is anybody doing these surgeries and not getting their money...
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    -59 or a new modifier

    I have a dr. removing hardware from a patella fx & a hip fx so i was going to bill out the 20680, 20680 -59 but would i use one of the new modifiers ? It is for Medicare.... thank you for any imput Sheila, CPC
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    ER visit with following surgery code??

    thank you
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    ER visit with following surgery code??

    If a patient is seen in ER, taken to surgery immediately, and then admitted how would you bill? The patient was never shown as Outpatient. My thought is you bill the E& M code under ER, and the surgery under inpatient, even though not admitted until after surgery. Is this correct or should we...
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    New 2015 modifiers

    Hi, we are wondering if anybody has found any details on the new modifiers besides the explanation of them? Ex. for separate excision of lesions - would you use the -XS ? For different colon techniques for polyp removals - would you use the -XS ? And what does the -XU - Unusual...
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    Open shoulder deltoid repair

    I am not sure of a code for a deltoid repair of the shoulder?? Any help would be appreciated. Sheila, CPC
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    Open reduction & internal fixation subtalar joint

    A pt has a dislocation subtalar joint, and the dr. does an open reduction & internal fixation... I was looking at 28445 maybe. Any help would be apprectiated. Sheila, CPC