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    hammertoe correction (multiple)?

    We code it on separate lines for each P&A. We don't use 51 as the T modifiers are enough for our payers, at least so far...
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    Topaz Procedure

    Are they doing a Topaz procedure to the plantar fascia? It's just the name of the tool they use not the procedure and can be coded as you would normally code a plantar fasciotomy This is a little old but from the AMA website KB #: 5468 Date: 09/29/2009 Surgery Musculoskeletal System...
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    Question billing 11042 and 11721 together

    We put an XS on both, or if the payer prefers modifier 59 we put that on long as the ulcer isn't at the DIP or more distal on the digits of the nails that are being trimmed...then it can't be unbundled.