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    Medicare wrap around payments

    Newbie I have been tasked to file wrap payments for the first time in this FQ. I am curious how exactly you submit your claims, do you create a new claim within your pm to send out? I appreciate any and all information you have, thank you
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    Telemedicine Services

    oh goodness I don't know where my head is, thank you!
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    Telemedicine Services

    other service I know that we can charge the q3014 and bill to medicare. What do we do with the OV charge for the psychiatrist? any additional information would be extremely helpful. Thanks
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    Telehealth Consult vs New Patient OV?

    I joined a MFM specialty that bills out consults for new patients 99241-99245 and the services are provided via telemedicine. In looking at the medicare covered telhealth services, these CPTs are not covered. Am I thinking correctly that hese visits should be coded as new patient 99201-99205?
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    Methlypredisolone Injections

    The vials come in 40mg and our provider orders 60mg to be injected. Do we bill J1030, J1020, J1020 JW or J1030 1.5 units and J1030- JW .5 units?
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    Telehealth requirments

    I have read the information provided by CMS on telehealth services but still have questions on billing this. We are providing the originating site for patients to see dermatology. How is this billed with just the Q3014? What provider is it billed under and what are the documentation...
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    March 2014 CPT Assistant??????

    This sentence is in the March 2014 CPT Assistant: ?Code 94640 should not be reported when the nebulization is performed for therapeutic purposes.? So, should we not be billing the nebulizer treatment when used on a patient presenting with asthma problems, etc?
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    Billing Anesthesia in units based on time???

    I do not bill for anesthesia but have been asked a question about our dental anesthesia claims. I have now found out that we should bill 00170, but how do I bill the units based on time? Or do I for 94 minutes? Any information is greatly appreciated!!
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    Non Display Fetal Doppler

    I am not in OB but one of our physicians want to start doing fetal doppler on her pregnant patients after she gives, for example, breathing treatments for their asthma just as a precautionary measure. Is this something that we can bill for in addition to their visit and what would the CPT code...
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    ov level?

    I need another opinion on this... Can you get a detailed history, comprehensive exam, and moderate mdm? I appreciate any advise and expertise on this. Vital Signs: Time: 03:04 PM Weight: 170 lbs Height: 65" BMI: 28.29 BSA: 1.88 Temperature: 98.0 F (Oral) BP: 158/68(Right...
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    Procedure or part of E/M

    Is there a procedure code that should be reported for this? Foreign body removal: EAR: INDICATIONS: left lobe patient has an inbedded ear ring back. POSITION: Seated. REMOVAL TECHNIQUE: Grasping foreign body with forceps: Moved the otoscope lens to one side and introduced bayonet forceps or...
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    MDM and referring to specialist

    When referring a patient out to a specialist does the note get extra points for MDM, or is this included in addtl work up planned, but where would it count then if it was an established problem?
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    HPI Elements or Conditions???

    I am having a hard time pulling any HPI elements out of this also.
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    Auditing Medical Decision Making

    Is this information still available? I would love a copy if possible.
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    HPI Elements or Conditions???

    How would this HPI be audited, using elements or status of conditions? HPI: Patient presents with his mother. 1 year 1 month age old patient is here for following up from hospitalization for pneumonia and hepatitis. Mom reports that he is breathing much better, eating much better, and is much...