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    new patient help please

    Wellness with Immunization Assuming the new pt is age 18-39: Dx: Z00.00 Wellness Exam Z23 Immunization CPT: 99385 Exam 90471 with Mod 25 for Immunization Adm 90649 Gardisil (3 dose schedule, right?) Hope this helps.
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    Medical provider needs coding/billing

    Coding As a former office manager for several clinics; I would: 1) Hire a hourly remote coder/biller to scrub your claims for the clearinghouse. Someone with experience in both so that they could handle any denials for you. EMR company will not do that. 2) Your rates should be based on your...
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    Cpt code 90658

    90658 90658 is the multidose vial - you should be using 90656 for single dose flu vaccine and the admin code is 90471 for everything except Medicare. The dx in ICD-10 is Z23 and if an old claim use ICD-9 V04.81. If it is Medicare, use 90656 for the flu vaccine and G0008 for the admin code...
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    lipid panel 36415

    Try 99000 instead of the v/p code 36415.
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    How can I bill for 5 vaccines!!

    vaccines Each vaccine will have its own V code (at least until ICD-10 gets here...). You should have 12 available dx on the 1500 as well.
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    Billing 99211

    99211 Thanks much!
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    Billing 99211

    Comments Please: Established pt seen for medication adherence (high risk disease/meds), and to prefill med box to increase pt med adherence. Good documentation by nurse on adherence. Vitals/wt/BMI documented. Opinions on could this be billed as a "nurse" visit, 99211? Thanks!
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    Need a sample contract

    Have been offered a remote position to code and bill for two clinics. Does anyone out there have a sample contract for these (or similar) services they are willing to share with me? I don't want to go into this blind... Thanks!
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    Searching for part-time remote coding/billing

    Am searching for a part-time (approx. 10-15 hours per week) remote coding and/or billing position. Am a CPC with approx. 30 years of billing experience and 4 years coding experience. Specialties include othopaedics, family practice, internal medicine, infectious disease, and pediatrics. Thanks!
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    coder urgent care sub

    Sub Coder Is this a remote position?