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    Pectoral Implant Exchange

    Hello, I work for a facility that does not see a whole lot of plastic surgery cases. Patient presented with infection of right pectoral implant. This implant was removed, the area was debrided, and a new implant was inserted. Would this code the same as a breast implant exchange? Any...
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    Spinal Cord Stimulator Trials

    One of the facilites that I am working for has started performing Spinal Cord Stimulator Trials as outpatient encounters. If you could, please give me some insight on how your facility is CPT coding the Trials as opposed to the permanent implantation of the stimulator. I have been performing...
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    300.00 vs. 300.02

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    How many work from home vs an office?

    I work from home.
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    Individual Chapter Forums

    Forums for each individual chapter is a great idea. Many chapter members are unable to attend every meeting due to time and logistics. Accessing the forum would give them more of an opportunity to network with their fellow coders and keep abreast of local issues. Also, I'd like to see a forum...
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    NPI deadline? Hopefully, that link will provide the information you are looking for right now.