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    Question Hip capsular repair

    Does anyone know how I would code an arthroscopic hip capsule repair? My provider performed an arthroscopic femoroplasty, and then documented "capsule repair also was undertaken at the end of surgery. An 0 PDS suture was passed using a suture passer through the capsulotomy that had been...
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    Question Periacetabular osteotomy CPT code

    Hi everyone! I'm new to billing for periacetabular osteotomies (PAOs) and I'm trying to find the correct CPT code... According to the op report, the surgeon osteotomized the iliac spine, ischium, suprapubic ramus, and pelvis. The Dx is hip arthritis resulting from dysplasia. Apparently my...
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    Excision of multiple soft tissue masses on same finger

    If it was all through one incision then you can only bill one unit of service. Otherwise, you could use modifier 59 or XS for "separate structure."
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    26040 in office setting

    Hi everyone! I have a claim for 26040 that Medicare denied, saying that "the procedure is inconsistent with the place of service." The POS was 11, office setting. Is this correct? Can this procedure really not be performed in an office? Thanks for the help in advance :)
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    Discontinued Procedure and repeat?

    Okay, that makes sense. These modifiers can get confusing! Thank you so much for the help!! :D
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    Fracture and dislocation treatment

    Thank you so much for your feedback! That's what I was thinking but I wanted to make sure :)
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    Discontinued Procedure and repeat?

    I have a patient whose procedure was discontinued today after the administration of anesthesia, so we are billing with the discontinued procedure modifier. However, the patient is coming back in a few days again for the procedure. Do we need to bill a repeat procedure modifier or will the...
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    Fracture and dislocation treatment

    Does anyone know if we can code a closed reduction of both a fracture AND dislocation at the same site? It looks like the codes I am considering are not bundled, but I'm still not sure if it is technically correct to report both... The doctor dictated a closed reduction and percutaneous...
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    What are you using for online coding resources?

    I use Supercoder, but I don't remember off the top of my head how much it costs. Highly recommend it though!
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    HELP! using modifier 62 and 80 on the same claim and getting denials

    20930 cannot be billed with modifier 62 or 80. The rest look correct though... maybe it's that one line item that's making it deny?
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    Closed Reduction Thumb Fracture

    Hi everyone! Can anyone help me code for a closed reduction and percutaneous pinning of intra-articular proximal phalanx fracture of the thumb? The two codes I am looking at are 26727 and 26742. I can't decide which one is right because 26727 specifies proximal phalanx, while 26742 specifies...
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    Have you looked at W17.2XXA?
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    COding 82550 and 82553 together

    Did you use any modifiers, like -91?
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    Hand infection debridement

    Does anyone know what the appropriate CPT code would be for an irrigation and debridement of deep palmar infection of the hand? OP report says: "First, I slowly cleaned the hand of chronic purulence that was stuck into the palm. Despite a preoperative scrub and sterilization, there was still...
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    Hi there! I'm well-versed in ChiroTouch. Do you still need help?