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    Question Premature Baby and wellness visit

    This dx should be ok. P codes can be used throughout the life of a patient as long as the documentation shows that the condition originated in the perinatal period.
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    Billing for Holter Monitor

    How about something like 93272 with modifier 52 for reduced services?
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    Question Credentials on a Resume

    I list mine on the top, next to my name. I put them in the same order AAPC does (next to my name on my member profile), which theoretically goes from most general to most specific. At the bottom of my resume, there's a section that shows what they all mean and the dates they were obtained.
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    Question Qualifying Use of 96112

    Here's some guidance from the AAP that may be helpful. It is my understanding that the score(s) must be documented in the note in order to bill these codes.
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    Question Abrupt status in neurological status

    I agree with your auditor. A known seizure disorder alone is not high risk. I would not qualify that as an "abrupt change in neurological status". A patient that is in status epilepticus or actively seizing would better fit that description. Many antiepileptic medications require monitoring for...
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    Question Question

    It seems like most job listings I see for CDI-related positions either prefer or require clinical experience and a current nursing license. You could have a lot of options with your background, if that's something you're interested in.
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    Wiki Mental Health & billing for Phone Therapy / Telemedicine calls.

    Here are a couple helpful webinars from earlier this year: What You Need to Know About Telehealth Behavioral Health Documentation Standards This one is coming up next week: Pitfalls to Avoid in Behavioral Health Documentation and Coding
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    E/M Help

    I have not heard of this practice. Do you know what the rationale is for coding consults this way? It sounds like downcoding, and is almost certainly costing your practice both revenue and RVUs. The only reason I can think of for billing a sub day instead of an initial day is if the...
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    Question E/M coding for physician inpatient charges

    In short: no. 1. The location of the patient at the time of service does not determine the level of care. Just because a patient is in the PICU does not mean that it is appropriate to bill critical care. 2. The pediatric critical care codes should only be billed by the attending...
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    Question Observation Discharge Day After Pre-scheduled (Elective) Outpatient Procedure/Surgery

    Agreed. If everything is routine and there are no complications, clearing the patient for discharge is part of the work involved in the scheduled procedure.
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    Question New Patient

    Agreed, this sounds like preventive care (CPT 99381-99397). These codes are age-based, and differentiate between new and established patients.
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    Diagnosis coding for Consultation

    When coding for suspected autism, I often use F94.8 (Other childhood disorders of social functioning). It depends on the documentation.
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    Peritoneal drain placement

    How about 49020 (Drainage of peritoneal abscess or localized peritonitis, exclusive of appendiceal abscess, open)? Per the lay description in Encoder, this code can include the placement of a drain. There's a Q&A on Super Coder, as well.
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    E/M Help

    Perfect, then you can bill the consult :) If the insurance doesn't accept consults, just crosswalk it to 99221-3 like usual.
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    Question Subsequent Days - newborns in hospital

    Thank you. Separate guidelines sound wonderful, but I won't hold my breath.