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    Post Op Levator adjustment after 67904

    Thanks, I talked to the Doc and he didn't want to charge for it..
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    retained cortical material after cataract surgery.

    That is what I would use..
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    Post Op Levator adjustment after 67904

    67904 Still need help with this one....
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    Post Op Levator adjustment after 67904

    post op 67904 or would it be 67904/78 for complication?
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    Post Op Levator adjustment after 67904

    The doctor does a bilateral Blepharoplasty & Levator advancement and while in recovery notices Asymetry of the lids. He take the pateint back into the OR removes the Prolene suture , opens the wound and then repaces the suture, repositions the eyelid and closes. How would this be coded? 67904/59?
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    Gill Procedure

    63012 I believe you can only code it once. Read the desrciption in "The coders Desk reference" , it states: the physicion resects the spinous process of all three vertebra and the middle part of the loose fith lumbar neural arch..
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    Removal and resinsertion of gold weight eyelid

    Do you just code for the insertion? 67912 the surgeon is opening the old incision and taking out the old weight, that was placed many years ago and inserting a new heavier one.. Thanks
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    ER to Inpatient

    If the Urologist saw the patient in the ER , then the patient was admitted with Internal Medicine. doing the H&P. Would the Urologist get an Inpatient Consult or Office vist?
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    Telovelar approach resection cavernoma

    How would you code this one? DX 228.02 CPT???? 61684? POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Left middle cerebellar peduncle cavernoma with hemorrhage. PROCEDURES PERFORMED: 1. Midline suboccipital craniotomy. 2. Telovelar approach to the left middle cerebellar peduncle and evacuation of hematoma and...
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    0192T denial

    Has anyone had 0192T denied from Medicaid. they are saying it is a non covered code.
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    1292T Denial from Medicaid

    Has anyone had a denial on 0192T Medicaid is sayings it's a non covered code. Thanks,
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    Congenital catact removal?

    What CPT do you use for a Complex cataract extraction, with lensectomy, anterior vitrectomy. I don't think I can use 66982 because that is removal, with insertion of IOL. No IOL was put in. Thanks,
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    exploration of laminectomy site

    I have two very similar to this. One is Lumbar and the other Thoracic..
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    Rebubbling DSAEK

    We have used an unlisted code for these in the past. Has anyone heard that we should be using 66020 instead?