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    Excision Bursa Elbow

    Hello, did you ever get a response or find the answer to this question? We found that UHC denied ours no doubt for POS 11.
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    Need Help with Skin Graft/Transfer codes

    Hi Meghanhannus. Your response was very logical and helpful. I will query my doctor outlining these deficiencies and try to get more clarification. Thank you so much for your time and expertise!
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    Need Help with Skin Graft/Transfer codes

    Greetings all! Would really appreciate some help with skin graft codes. Patient had a right middle finger mass. Our hand surgeon did this procedure and I've got little to no experience coding skin grafting procedures. Here's a snippet of the work done- ...a 2cm X 2cm rhomboid excision of the...
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    Cpt for application of cryotherapy device

    Cryotherapy Is it for cryoanalgesia (neuroablation)? We use the device for neuralgia and bill it as 64640
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    Manipulation Under Anesthesia

    Can anybody help me with the diagnosis for MUA S/P TKA? I billed 27570 with dx of T84.82XA and Z96.652 and it was denied twice due to MUA Policy stating not reimburseable for these submitted diagnoses. I've never had this denied with this dx code before. Thanks.
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    Cpt s2325

    S2325 HCPCS Hip core decompression Hi, Did you ever get an answer to your question? I'm wondering the same thing...
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    Extensor Mechanism Allograft WITH TKA Revision

    Hello, I'm wondering if I can bill for the 'extensor mechanism allograft' work done along with a Single-Stage revision, total knee replacement? The procedure sounds like the doctor just took a graft and had it fit and sewn into the native quadriceps so doesn't sound like a 'reconstruction' type...
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    Billing with modifier 25 AND 57?

    I looked and looked and still can't find an answer- Our doctor saw a patient in the hospital due to patient having cellulitis, leg swelling and a history of gouty arthritis. He did an aspiration on the first day and then the next day he did an arthroscopic irrigation of the knee and ankle. My...
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    2 Providers/2 Consults

    Good morning, So if I have a PA who did an inpatient consult and then one of our physician group MDs did a consult the next day(a second opinion to determine if an AKA was necessary), can I bill for them both and if so, do I need to know anything in particular such as initial consult and then...
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    Medial Imbrication code

    Hello All, Does anybody know what the CPT code for a 'medial imbrication, knee' is? Any direction would be appreciated, thank you.
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    Bilateral fluoroscopy billing

    77002 That's what I thought but I wanted to be certain before I adjusted off. Thank you so much for your response.
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    Bilateral fluoroscopy billing

    Hello All, I have a question about billing bilateral C-arm fluoroscopy if anybody has knowledge about getting this paid. The patient had a RT Carpal Tunnel Release, Bilateral first CMC injections and use of fluoroscopy. Postoperative Diagnoses: 354.0, 715.14(bilateral CMC joint) Here is a...
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    Use of Modifier 53

    Mod 53 That's what I was thinking too KMCFADYEN. I guess according to the PA, doctor is just going to reschedule the procedure. I asked about the E/M for evaluating but he didn't really think I should:( Thank you for your quick reply. It is much appreciated.
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    Use of Modifier 53

    Can someone explain if Mod 53 would be appropriate in this situation? The patient was ready for surgery. Anesthesia was started however the surgeon determined the patient was at risk(he was concerned about metastatic cancer) and decided to hold off on the surgery. He never even got to make the...
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    Need help with Shoulder Surgery PLEASE

    I had no idea there was actually one code to describe what the doc did. It sounded so much more complex:confused: Thank you so much for your time and for responding.