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    Wiki 2020 location?

    I wish the AAPC would record the sessions and offer them as a virtual conference. I am on a drug for MS that does a number on my immune system so I avoid large crowds such as this, especially since the dates always fall a couple of weeks after the infusion. Not to mention I usually still feel...
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    Cemc exam

    You can also laminate the auditing worksheet and use a dry erase marker. I used this for both the CEMC and CPMA exams.
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    E/M level argument

    I don't see any family or social history nor a ROS documented so I agree with the original poster.
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    1997 Exam Bullets

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    1997 Exam Bullets

    I audit our GYN and Neuro docs using the 1997 specialty exams. I need an opinion....I have researched this and cannot find an answer. If a "bullet" cannot be performed in the exam due to circumstances beyond provider control, should they be penalized and not allowed an otherwise comprehensive...
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    Data points for MDM

    I would be careful giving a point for reviewing a report and 2 points for reviewing the images for the same study. Our MAC stated in a webinar that is is an either/or situation, not both.
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    MDM for rectal prolapse

    Does the patient have chronic conditions or a co-morbidity that would make the surgery high-risk? That is something the physician would have to determine and document.
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    CEMC Study / Audit Tools

    I laminated my audit tool and used a dry erase marker for the both the CEMC and CPMA exam. I found that to be easier than dealing with 25 or more individual audit forms. Good luck!
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    Pilot Program?

    Has there been any further information as to the status of the recognition program? I just looked and they still show the program is under review. Thank you!
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    HCC Trump List

    Thank you SO much!!!! I appreciate the help!
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    HCC Trump List

    Thank you for responding! Yes, I do need it for Medicare Advantage.
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    HCC Trump List

    Good Morning! I am in need of the latest HCC "Trump" list. I have been searching but the one I did find was from 2014. If there is a newer one, could someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you!
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    Dx coding ....history/active

    I'm running into this question with our group of breast imaging radiologists. Is there a more recent Coding Clinic which addresses this? Thank you!
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    ROS question

    Novitas does allow you to use information from the HPI as both HPI elements and ROS elements. I came across a letter from 1998 where the executive medical director for HCFA (now CMS) stated "it is not necessary to mention an item of history twice in order to meet the Documentation Guidelines...