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  • Never done any anesthesia coding. I took the CANPC in May and will be starting anesthesia coding soon.
    Are you into Anesthesia Coding??? Are you taking uo CANPC exam? Would be glad if you could provide me information on this......

    Sabari L
    Hi Andy, yes I bought the practicum and I failed my 1st trial with 64% score but, they didn't show my errors at all, all they said is you didn't pass and that's all! maybe because it is case by case basis it's hard to determine, every case has all involved: surgical coding, anesthesia coding & ICD-9 coding.
    For me the real coding it's way easier then the exam since I don't necesarily have to come with the exact surgical code (although I try) and, in our group we only use 1 dx code (I think I did very bad with dx's in the exam) so I re-scheduled the test for february and will study more about the diagnoses rules. I hope the cheat sheets serve you and if I can help you with something else just let me know!
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