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    Appendectomy with negative path

    I do not think Z03.89 is appropriate, especially since the patient was in OBSV for the Abdominal pain, which was technically caused by the ruptured ovary ...
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    Appendectomy with negative path

    ok , thank you for the input . I am having issues with the pre authorization team disagreeing with me , but I don't really know what else to tell them . I don't have any written proof otherwise to give them .
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    Appendectomy with negative path

    I have a patient who came in through the ED with a positive CT of the lower quadrant signifying possible appendicitis . The patient is taken to the OR , The physician does a laparoscopic appendectomy with abdominal lavage , he find the patient has a hemorrhagic ruptured ovarian cyst, this is why...
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    Melanoma down to the Fascia

    Thank you - I will keep all this in mind the next time I have one similar :)
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    Melanoma down to the Fascia

    I have a few questions - I have a patient who had a 1.1 centimeters excision of melanoma insitu with wide margins up the upper arm Here is the majority of the OP report Patient taken to OP room , General anesthesia was done . An Elliptical incision was made and carried DOWN TO THE FASCIA ...
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    placement of balloon occlusion catheter

    I need help coding the urology portion of this. Patient is getting a nephrostomy tube/percutaneous nephrolithotmy done by the interventional radiologist My dr is doing the following Cystoscopy with removal of right ureteral stent , and placement of a right balloon occlusion catheter. How...
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    re-opening of mastectomy site to remove Pectoalis Major Muscle

    I am needing some help on this procedure. I have never had one like this before and I have researched and searched and I am not having any luck Patient comes in post mastectomy , path came back with positive deep margin in the left breast. Our Dr re opens the mastectomy site to remove the...
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    Brookesource is hiring for Louisville KY area

    I know it is hard to find jobs out there but there is a company right now that is hiring temp to full time hire for U0fL Physicians. If anyone is interested I would be happy to pass along Brooksource information. I was going to take a job with them but ended up finding one closer to my home. I...
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    review of systems - enlarged lymph nodes

    Can someone please explain to me a question I have about the ROS ? Here is the example I have : no fever, cough, respiratory issues or enlarged lymph nodes, all other systems negative. So when a Dr says ALL OTHER SYSTEMS NEGATIVE, does that COMPLETE the ROS ? My Dr says that completes it and I...
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    Question on pregnancy coding

    also with the heroin abuse 648.33 304.00 ( maybe a differential on the 5th digit)
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    Question on pregnancy coding

    If the Dr doesn't state Hyperemesis gravidarum than NO you can't code that. You can used the unspecified vomiting in pregnancy 643.93 if it just states she is having vomiting during pregnancy and the note is very unspecific.
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    What DX codes for pap exam with diagnosis charted by provider other than screening

    hpv only , the V code is for screening . If she is coming in for a re pap because of the HPV you don't use the screening V code , since this isn't a well woman screen , it is a diagnostic for HPV
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    MVA question probably asked 100 times

    Ok everyone - I am having a disagreement with the MVA codes with the other coder. My patient was the driver and involved in MVA on the road with another moving vehicle. Would you use E812.0 or E819.0
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    ED turns into Observation

    Forgive me ( because like I said I have only done ED for about a month) When I done family practice , the order usually came from my family practitioner but only once the hospital had notified them , therefore that meant that my FP was the only one who could bill for the observation ... is that...
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    ED turns into Observation

    I am new at ED coding. I used to do physician practice coding. BUT is it possible for a patient to be in the ED and turn into Observation care so that my ED drs can bill observation ( 99218,99219,99220,99217 ) and what has to happen in order for this to be billed? I had an alcoholic that came...