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    Question on ED Facility Level Guidelines - Need Clarifiication - LEVEL 4 or 5

    Very late answer, but I hope this helps someone looking for similar advice. I think this visit would be billed as a level 4. If the patient had the same exact workup except that contrast was given then the visit would be a level 5. Anything with contrast automatically goes to a Level 5. The...
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    Question PCR Flu and Strep CPT

    I am looking for guidance on correct CPT codes for PCR Flu and Strept testing/reporting and any associated reimbursement information for these codes. Lab codes, diagnosis codes, CPT, any thing!
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    Question E/M Psychiatrist and Internal Med

    I am an outside consultant for an inpatient behavioral health facility with a focus on diagnosis coding and chart compliance; my coding niche', per se, is acute inpatient facility coding. The facility has recently requested a review of the CPTs currently charged for the psychiatrist and the...
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    ICD 9 Codes

    647.83, 648.33, 648.93, 646.63, 304.90, 112.1, 790.7, 682.3, 041.12, V23.7, e930.9 (You will need to arrange in the order that pertains to visit; if an ultrasound was done on this visit, may also add 88.78) **also, if the patient presents with other symptoms that would support a dx of sepsis...
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    H&P requirements

    As long as the patient's condition remains the same with no major change in status/condition, the H&P may be used (it may also be used on another admission to the facility within 30 days as long as there are no changes to the patient's condition). The same goes for a H&P done in the physician's...
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    Documentation and correct coding question

    Wow, I can't believe you are having such a hard time. Don't worry, things should turn around for you when claims are denied due to poor documentation, noncompliance with ICD-10 codes, and payment is not rendered. You know that the almighty dollar is what drives the work. My coding is inpatient...
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    Documentation and correct coding question

    I would definitely ask for clarification of site and stage!! This will cover all bases (including you) and keep the account from being called into question by a compliance auditor. Better to be safe than sorry :)