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    Question Dermatology

    I am working on some Medicare Dermatology claims. It was billed with 11302 and 11302-59. Is there a better way to code this to get reimbursement? Medicare is denying the first 11302 without a modifier for a duplicate.
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    CPC-A Looking for Employment in Indiana

    Hello. I am a newly certified coder looking to start my career. I am willing to do entry level positions in a coding department or a billing department! My resume is below. Thank you for taking the time to view my qualifications. Kristi Haney, CPC-A 2004 Mapleton Court Apt B Crawfordsville, IN...
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    CPC-A looking for remote coding position or billing position in Indiana.

    Hello. I am a recently certified coder seeking employment. I have the CPC-A certification and would love to work remote. I am also willing to start from the bottom to work my way up. I spent a month interning at a billing company and really enjoyed it. I reside in Indiana and would love the...