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    HEDIS Coder -----Looking to connect with other HEDIS coders

    Hedis Hi kim, i recently accepted a position as a quality assurance hedis representative. I would love to connect and appreciate any assistance and/or training materials that will help me get a running start in my new career. my email is I am located in...
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    I am delightfully SHOCKED!!!

    congrats! that's awesome, congrats! Could you share where you found the employment ad for blue cross blue shield? i'm having a hard time finding anything, even in the aapc employment section.
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    92250 Retinal fundus photo in primary care office for diabetics

    DID YOU FIND YOUR ANSWER AND IF SO, CAN YOU SHARE. We are a PCP interested in this device also.
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    Elecated A1C

    elevated hemoglobin a1c to be more specific i would suggest 790.29 other abnormal glucose; as a1c is a measure of glucose over a period of time and you indicated it was elevated.
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    Aetna Overpayment

    Aetna overpayment request I too am getting request from overpayment (from four years ago) from aetna. i thought there was a 30 month limit in the state of florida. they are stating that they should have paid secondary instead of primary. any input would be helpful
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    G0444 - Depression Screening

    looking for the same info? were you successful in getting the g0444 paid with a sick visit and if so how?
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    Medlearn Case Studies

    circc review i was looking at the same and they give you a free sample newsletter with case studies also. how was the test? do you have any study guides available?
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    Transitional Care Management - the CPT codes

    paid!!! but a different question yay, i was paid for our first billed tcm.. communicated and noted, saw pt within 10 day time frame and then billed tcm code counting 30 days from date of discharge and using that as date of service... now different patient, discharged, phone call made...
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    Flu Vaccine and Hospice

    flu for hospice did you ever receive an answer for this; i had the same thing happen- resub w the gw and was denied again as provider should not bill for service or be given by that "specialty" we are internal med... do i use gv instead?
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    Cpt 99495/99496

    unrelated office visit i am going to bill my first... but this patient in addition to her follow up visit that is bundled also came in for another visit that was unrelated to medical condition. have you encountered this and if so, how did you bill-- how do you notate you've already had one...
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    Transitional Care Management - the CPT codes

    another e&m within 30 days Have you gotten any clarification on this? we saw patient within 7 days and did not bill to medicare because it is "bundled", saw the patient a few weeks later for unrelated condition so we billed (applied to deductible), now i am ready to bill TCM but won't they...
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    Use of S0630

    sutures What we can bill and what will be paid are often two different things. In my experience the s code is not recognized by Medicare, although it is recognized by many commercial insurances. If removal of sutures by a physician other than those who placed the sutures is performed for a...
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    another newbie question

    do you have the cpc-h study guide available, if so i would be interested in purchasing it when you are through.. good luck!!
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    Denials for CPT's G0438 & G0439 - Is anyone receiving denials

    annual wellness so am i correct in the understanding that all patients must have been billed g0438 once before g0439 would be payable or are we supposed to be billing g0439 2012 and beyond??
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    G0250 - aloowable dx codes

    Answer? that link still does not address the questions asked and i am interested as well in the answers. 4 units, not more than testing once per week- but do we bill g0250 with 4 units once a month or g0250 one unit on each day a test was reported to us?
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    G0179 and G0250

    Did you ever get an answer to your question? I would be interested also.
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    Visit with Parent- Patient not Present

    any help would be appreciated Did you ever get an answer to your question? i am having the same dilemma.. would love to know the codes used and if you were paid from insurance:) we were looking at 99402 and v65.19, but this is usually denied by insurance. the dx is appropriate, but not sure...
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    AAPC's ICD-10-CM Anatomy & Physiology

    a&p for anyone interested in a&p that isn't testing for icd-10 but i'm sure is a great prep and review and here is the best part 12 ceu's approved by ahima and free.. i emailed aapc and was told that it would also be approved by them:) i registered and can't wait to get started, this is my...
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    Free CEUs

    i just tried the link and it says it is $99... did i miss the freebies?
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    Earn Free CEU's online...........

    let me know if you get any replies or find out anything... i am in florida also and newly certified. i need mine by february.. i found a few on and the medicare learning network. my local chapter is an hour away and can't make the meetings in time after my work day is done.. any...
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    Training your doctors

    documentation does anyone have a "cheat sheet" they use as a guide detailing documentation requirements... we use alot of unspecified codes as well and would really like to train my physicians and not miss anything -- laterality, diabetes combos, duration, stages, etc..
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    Hipaa Privacy Policies

    new hipaa forms anyone have a sample/template of the new Hipaa privacy policy form that they will be using when icd-10 "changes everything" :eek:
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    Complex Chronic Care Mgt. and Transitional Care Mgt. Codes

    have you developed a template/form yet? have you heard of anyone getting paid by medicare for these tcm codes?
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    Help! Having trouble with CPC exam

    any help would be appreciated i am sitting for my cpc this weekend and would appreciate any study guides or mock exams that could be emailed to me!!