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    Number of coders needed?

    Is there any kind of resource or benchmarking--that indicates how many coders are needed per physician (group 70)? I know it varies based on the role they are really completing, coding from report, encounter forms, audits, etc--but is there any information on the ratio needed? Any help would...
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    Anyone else part of Rural Health Medicare

    Are there documentation requirements for physician/mid-level services provided in a rural health clinic? I know that it rolls up to the same revenue code---but do they still need to meet E/M documentation requirements??
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    ride along for transport-medically necessary

    If an NP must ride along on an ambulance transport, based on the medical necessity of the patient, can this service be billed? How should it be reported?
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    us axilla

    Ultrasound If they are just doing the ultrasound of the axilla, which may not include all the components of a chest ultrasound, it is probably best to code it to an unlisted ultrasound 76999. Report needs to confirm what was done, but was mediastinum included? If not the chest ultrasound...