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    Charging ED visit and admission/delivery same day

    Hello all, I have a client (large hospital system) that bills for an ED visit when seen by an OB Triage provider when they are admitted the same day for active labor and delivery occurs. Does anyone know if this is kosher? Wouldn't the "ED"/Triage provider's evaluation that the patient is in...
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    *** New Opportunity for CPC's!

    Dear Certified Coders, Here's is a new job opportunity: Position Categories ** Medical Coders - CCS, CPC, CPC-H, RHIT, RHIA with 2 + yrs expertise. Pay ranges $15.00 - $30.00 per hour ** Medical Transcriptionist - Recent graduates & highly experienced transcribers. Pay ranges $0.07 - $0.15...
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    Orthopedic Pick list for ICD9

    :)Hello, Does anyone out there have an ICD9 pick list for ortho? I am brand new to it and I find a pick list can atleast get me in the right neighborhood when looking for a code. If so, please email it to: or send it to my private fax: 321-843-3553 I would appreciate it very...
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    1997 Guidelines Check list

    Hi!.:) I was wondering if anyone had a table or check list for the 1997 guidelines, musculoskeletal exam. I am going crazy trying to pull those bullets out of my dictation. Thank you. Anita
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    Any CEMC's out there?

    Hi ! I am sitting for the CEMC exam in two weeks and am wondering if there is anyone willing to offer me a little advice before the exam. I read in the AAPC practicum materials that the exam doesn't require it's examinees to render any opinion as to Medical Necessity. Is that true? Any sage...
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    Two Surgeons - 62

    When two surgeons were primary surgeons for their part of a procedure, do both docs use the modifier? Appreciate all input.:)