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  1. jgf-CPC

    Coder Needed

    Medical Coding position ? Columbus, GA - Full time and must have certification and radiology experience would help. If you know anyone interested please pass this on. Email resume to Thank you!
  2. jgf-CPC

    Chest Xrays Following CT Guided Lung Biopsy

    I found this in SuperCoder and since I don't know the codes that were used or if the same Dr. interpreted I copied this all for you: Modifier -59, -76, TC, -26, etc. would be used according to documentation. Following is an example of the proper use of modifier -59: A patient has a chest...
  3. jgf-CPC

    Rosai–Dorfman disease-Does anyone

    Look into 277.89 that is the closest Dx I could find. Hoping others will respond.
  4. jgf-CPC

    Bankart Lesion ICD-9 help!

    Both a Bankart and a SLAP lesion are tears in the superior glenoid labrum of the shoulder. Although they are sometimes used interchangeably, they are not the same. A SLAP lesion is a tear that occurs above the middle of the socket where the biceps tendon attaches and may involve that tendon. A...
  5. jgf-CPC

    help with a dx code

    Definition: The term “adjacent segment disease” had been defined as the development of new clinical symptoms that correspond to radiographic changes adjacent to the level of a previous spinal fusion. The range of patients requiring additional surgery after fusion for adjacent segment disease at...
  6. jgf-CPC

    New ICD9 book for 2013

    We haven't received our books yet either since they are just in shipment. You can Google 2013 ICD-9 codes or code changes and get what you need. That is how we always got our list early through CMS. Hope that helps!
  7. jgf-CPC

    Complex-Partial Seizure Disorder

    Using the "1" would be poorly controlled which is intractable or uncontrolled or med resistant to control them. Your first guess was correct.
  8. jgf-CPC

    Ultrasound first trimester

    It is a very limited study before 14 weeks of gestation. So, if the ultrasound is done at an early part of gestation, it will be truly difficult to document all the features. That is the reason why such situations are categorized to limited, i.e., 76801 with less than 14 weeks gestation. So, it...
  9. jgf-CPC

    mammo coding

    No, because when they did the mammo they did not have the result of the ultrasound. The ultrasound was done because of the abnormal mammo with Dx code of 793.80 correct?
  10. jgf-CPC

    E/m and modifier 25

    The definition of modifier 25—significant, separately identifiable evaluation and management service by the same physician on the same day of the procedure or other service—was clarified in 2008. This will clarify it for you: Modifier 25 is used to indicate that, on the day a procedure or...
  11. jgf-CPC

    Procedure & Anesthesia billing for different providers, same group

    What are the actual CPT codes used?
  12. jgf-CPC

    coding radiology reports

    I would think that you would only use the report result when you are coding the procedure, unless the assessment from the physician includes it.
  13. jgf-CPC

    New icd-10 cm chapter!

    That was funny!!!!
  14. jgf-CPC

    EEG Coding

    What surgery is this required for? Not an endarterectomy?
  15. jgf-CPC

    Billing Video EEGs

    Look at the 95953 for unattended of a portable EEG.
  16. jgf-CPC

    modifier-25 for radiology in physician Office

    Appropriate Usage Modifier 25 indicates that on the day of a procedure, the patient's condition required a significant, separately identifiable E/M service, above and beyond the usual pre and post-operative care associated with the procedure or service performed. Use Modifier 25 with the...
  17. jgf-CPC

    Peripheral Bone Density Study

    Yes, peripheral study would be the 77081.
  18. jgf-CPC

    Squamous cell versus Ca in Situ

    I feel it would be 173.12 specifically.
  19. jgf-CPC

    How do I code a shave removal lesion when size is not documented.

    You cannot guess at sizes...there must be documentation.
  20. jgf-CPC

    Modifier 25

    Appropriate Usage of Modifier 25: Modifier 25 indicates that on the day of a procedure, the patient's condition required a significant, separately identifiable E/M service, above and beyond the usual pre and post-operative care associated with the procedure or service performed. Use Modifier 25...
  21. jgf-CPC

    Elevated Prolactin Level

    That is what we use too. 253.1.
  22. jgf-CPC

    Mammo dx coding

    I agree that Jenifer is correct. Documentation is all you need.
  23. jgf-CPC

    New icd-10 cm chapter!

    Clicking on the website brought us to no web page found!
  24. jgf-CPC

    Dx code for orbit screenings

    Thanks for the confirmation Jessica. I knew we were on the right track!!!!
  25. jgf-CPC

    Dx code for orbit screenings

    Our patients are screened for metallic fragments normally from a past job that caused this possibility. There are never any signs or symptoms for this screening for foreign bodies so the physicians tell us to use V82.89 unless the foreign body is present. Hope this helps.
  26. jgf-CPC

    Hospital Parking Lot Delivery

    Since the baby was not physically born in the hospital before admission I would use the V30.1. Let's see if we get other opinions......
  27. jgf-CPC

    Do I add modifier 50?

    When cannot use the 50 mod we use left and right for Medicare for bilateral procedures.
  28. jgf-CPC

    wow help

    ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Code 784.69 Other symbolic dysfunction •loss of the ability to distinguish the significance of stimuli; may be auditory, visual, olfactory, tactile, or gustatory. •Inability to recognize, understand, or interpret sensory stimuli in the absence of sensory defects. Also, the...
  29. jgf-CPC

    locum tenens

    This will be all the info you need:
  30. jgf-CPC

    Intervertebral Disc Bulging

    I have this info I have had for awhile from a description from workmans always came in handy for me: Description: Displacement of a disc in the upper or lower back which may put pressure on the adjacent spinal nerve causing pain and sometimes sensory loss. Other names: Herniated disc...
  31. jgf-CPC

    Dx code for Seasonal Affect Disorder

    Look in the the 301 codes since there is no specific code for SAD.
  32. jgf-CPC

    Coding mammograms

    So they did not do a mammo but just an US? Explain this more please and thanks!
  33. jgf-CPC

    CPT Codes on Radiology Reports

    No number just the name of the procedure!
  34. jgf-CPC

    Covering for a physician

    Locum tenens, or substitute, physicians usually assume professional practices in the absence of a regular physician for reasons such as illness, pregnancy, vacation, or continuing medical education. The substitute physicians generally have no practice of their own and move from area to area as...
  35. jgf-CPC

    Modifiers for GA Medicare

    I read that because of how the codes are listed in the CPT book with the semicolon, these codes cannot be used together. The 78227 includes the 78226. You can either use the 78226 without the pharmacologic intervention or jsut the 78227 for all the imaging including the intervention. This is not...
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    Try this:
  37. jgf-CPC


    As long as you have a signed release from the patient in the files and you know the exact date the job terminated (retirement date) and when the Medicare began then you should be able to update it also. This is what I have been told so let's see what others have to say.
  38. jgf-CPC

    Bone density cpt codes

    We do the 77080 which is at least one or more of these sites (the lumbar spine, hips and pelvis). The 77082 is mostly for vertebral fracture assessment.
  39. jgf-CPC

    MR Enterography

    74183 & 72197 MRI Enterography Abd W & W/O for Crohn's (CT Enterography is preferred exam). Since all areas are seen then you would use both codes. I found this when we needed the info for our centers. Hope it helps!
  40. jgf-CPC

    3D terminology

    I know it has to state that the 3D is performed on a separate workstation.
  41. jgf-CPC

    25% payment reduction PC services for advance diagnostic imaging

    This is how I see it: The 25% reduction would apply to the less expensive procedure, but would cut across modalities. For example, if a patient receives an MRI of the brain and a CT of the chest on the same day, the reimbursement for the CT of the chest would be decreased by 25%. The procedure...
  42. jgf-CPC

    Lung Consolidation

    Please note the 793.1 is an outdated code. The new codes are 5 digits with 793.11 being a solitary lung nodule and 793.19 unspec lung findings.
  43. jgf-CPC

    Billing After Hours

    I have always felt that it is when a patient requests to be seen during after hours and found this: Services provided in the office at times other than regularly scheduled office hours, or days when the office is normally closed (eg, holidays, Saturday or Sunday), in addition to basic service...
  44. jgf-CPC

    Determining COB

    The "birthday rule" is sometimes correct but you have something quite different. Keep in mind that these practices are common among health insurance companies, but they are not governed by law. Practices may vary from one insurer to another. Read their policy carefully to make sure you...
  45. jgf-CPC

    qw modifier

    Here in Georgia we cannot bill any modifiers to Medicaid. I don't know where you are from. Check into that.
  46. jgf-CPC

    Questioning 74175 & 72191 together

    If you have received this in the past week then make sure when using the new codes the services were done in 2012. Seems to me like you have 2011 charges you are dealing with when we did use the older codes.
  47. jgf-CPC

    Radiology coding help

    76000 needs a 59 modifier to be billed with the 77002.
  48. jgf-CPC

    ICD-9 for abnormal holter results

    I agree with Arlene. I would also us that.
  49. jgf-CPC

    Interventional Radiology

    Do you have specific CPT codes in question?
  50. jgf-CPC

    Partial thickness tear of RC?

    On the supraspinatous did you look at 840.6?