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    Manipulation and Acupuncture

    Hi I have a chiropractor that also does acupuncture on the same day as a manipulation. I am curious to know how people are billing these two codes together. I have gotten it paid (might not always be correct) with a modifier 59 on the 97810. I have also been told to put a 51 on the 98940 which...
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    Ortho to Hosp Admit

    B][/B]I need some help with an e/m situation. I have a doctor here in our Ortho practice that saw a patient on one day (lets say Monday) and admitted her that day to the hospital. He is also the operating surgeon and saw the patient the next day (lets say Tuesday) in the hospital and then...
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    Icd for comparison x-ray

    Hello, If a Dr. orders an x-ray of the left thumb (reason for encounter) and takes a comparison x-ray of the right thumb. What ICD-10 code should be used for the right thumb x-ray if there is no complaint? Thanks!:confused::confused:
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    Spinal coding HELP!

    I have a claim from 2016 that insurance is battling us on. The patient was initially seen (as scheduled) for a ACDF levels C5-T1 the codes billed are: 22551-62 22552x2-62 22846 20931 The patient was in recovery and something happened where he lost all movement and feeling in his limbs so they...
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    Physician Assistant Billing FXC

    Hi, I have a situation where I need to find out if a physician assistant can bill for fracture care and manipulations in the office without a supervising MD present. We have a PA who works weekends at our Ortho clinic and is by himself and sees fractures but we will have him refer the patient to...